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Nomad Tea Festival

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Nicole Wilson

Tea Writer and Consultant

Kim Wong

Tea Professional / Tea Shop Owner, Tienda de Té

Han Le

Japanese Tea Master, Salon Thé Oasis

Michael Hemling

Tea and Water Sommelier, Man With a Mug

Adeline Teoh

Co-Director, Australian Tea Cultural Society

Lady Dana Austin

Tea Events Orchestrator, Dana Austin Speaks

Soo Chung

Digital Creator, Tea Creative

Elyse Petersen

Founder, Tealet

Joshua Wang

Tea Grower, Wang Family Tea ​

Kaeriyama Taro

Tea Grower, Tea Wind

Amanda Vermillion

ITMA-Certified Tea Master, Tea Mistress LLC

Adriaan Esterhuizen

Filmmaker & Photographer, Grain

Kaishan Mellis

Chief Tea Officer, Libertea Melbourne

Annie O'Reilly

Tasseomancist, Tea with Annie

Priscila Vazquez Ruilova

Tea Sommelier, Tea Designer

Kenneth Rumdahl

CEO, Monsoon Tea

Rui Liu

Founder, Grass People Tree

Kim Gorchs - Self-care for Remote Workers

Founder, Holistic Connection Pulsing Facebook-f Instagram

Lizzie Chan

Tea Brewer, Tales Through Tea

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Nomad Tea Festival

Join us for the 24 hours of virtual tea fun to celebrate your love for tea!

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Jé le potier

I provide teaware you need for tea brewing and tasting.

Cha Bay

Cha Bay: Fine Teas and Rough Wares. We make tea ware that pairs beautifully with handcrafted teas, helping budding and seasoned tea enthusiasts build artful tea experiences.

Rujani Tea

Rujani Tea | Award-winning teas​

Wakoen Global

Wakoen Tea. Fresh from our farm to your hands.


Exclusive access to high-end Taiwanese teas


B.TEALY provides premium organic teas individually, in tea boxes and in a monthly tea subscription.

Libertea Melbourne

Libertea Melbourne specialises in artisan oolong, puerh and organic western tea options.

Tea Tasters

A premium tea subscription service for Australia tea lovers, who love exploring new teas from new and established brands - An innovative and sustainable way of trying new teas.

Tea Wind

Japanese family producing tea in Argentina since 1936

The Japanese Tea Hub

Small online retailer specialized in organic Japanese teas


Award-winning artisan loose leaf tea blends hand blended using organic and fair trade ingredients and teas. Our packaging is as eco-conscious as possible.

Dana Austin Speaks

Dana Austin Speaks promotes health and wellness through the art of talking Tea​

Wang Family Tea

The finest Taiwanese tea from our family, to you.

War Time Tea

Reamp on the Native American sacred tea, that was once called Black Drink. Made from the Anti-Cancer herb “Yaupon Texas Holly”.


Korean traditional fermented healing herbal tea

V D L Lanka Holdings Pvt Ltd

Supplier of Ceylon finest quality teas from Sri Lanka