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New Media Ventures 2021 Summit

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Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman

President, New Media Ventures

Andre Banks

Founder, A/B Partners

Snigdha Sur

Founder & CEO, The Juggernaut

Steven Peters

Creative Director, SmokeSygnals

Nicole Carty

Co-founder, Project Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparations

Erin Millar

Co-Founder, Indiegraf

Tiffany LaTrice

Founder and Executive Director, TILA Studios

Maria Fernanda (Mafe) Cabello

Coaching Director, Momentum

Brandon Anderson

Executive Director, RAHEEM

Alicia Nieves

Co-founder and Executive Director, Rapid Response

Naomi Long, she/her

Partner, Three Point Strategies

Kara Hollingsworth

Partner, Three Point Strategies

Cheryl Contee

Founder and Chair, Do Big Things

Emily Del Beccaro

Co-founder, OpenField

Caroline Spears

Founder and Executive Director, Climate Cabinet Action Fund

Max Wood

Founder & CEO, Deck

phillip sanders

Investment Principal, New Media Ventures

Mia Paz Cambronero

Founder, We Could Be Music

Ben Wikler

Chair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin

Jessica Salinas

VP Investments, New Media Ventures

Ari Trujillo-Wesler


Jessica Byrd

Founder, Three Point Strategies

Shannon Baker

Managing Director, NMV

Lucy Flores

CEO & Co-founder, Luz Collective

Alejandra Aguirre

Director of Content Strategies, Luz Collective

Yonatan Landau

Owner, Resistant Labs

Tori Taylor

Executive Director, Swing Left

Gaurab Bansal

Managing Director, North Forty Group

Tom Perriello

Executive Director, Open Society-US

Sarah Williams

CEO, Propel Capital

Joseph Thurakal

Senior Portfolio Manager, Tigmera

Monique Woodard

Founder and Managing Director, Cake Ventures

B Loewe

Director, On Point Studios

Kate Gage

Founding Partner, The Movement Cooperative

Casey Hogle

National Development Director, Indivisible

Tracy Van Slyke

Chief Strategy Officer, Pop Culture Collaborative

Tamer Mokhtar

Partner, Investing in US

Tiffany Curtis (she/her)

Consultant, Paradigm Strategy

Micaela Allen

Advocacy Director, Open Society Foundations

Greisa Martinez Rosas

Executive Director, United We Dream

Nick Chedli Carter

Managing Director, Resilient Democracy + Ash Center Tech & Democracy Fellow

Emma Fisher (she/her)

Co-Founder, Climate Cabinet

Felicia Wong

President & CEO, Roosevelt Institute

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Hosted by

Global & Collective

We bring people together to co-create change

Meet the Founders

A/B Partners

We create new narratives about people, power and social change.

The Juggernaut

The Juggernaut is a new media company and community that centers South Asian stories. Meet the founder Snigdha Sur and team.

Project Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparations

A Black and Indigenous-led movement to reckon with America’s past and build a just future. Meet co-founder Nicole Carty and team.

Three Point Strategies

Three Point Strategies are proud to be a radical, Black feminist, political consulting firm. Meet the Partners Jessica Byrd, Naomi Long, Kara Hollingsworth, and team.

TILA Studios

TILA Studios works to increase representation of Black women artists in museum and art gallery spaces. Meet the founder Tiffany LaTrice and team.


Momentum is a training institute and movement incubator seeding a wave of movements capable of setting a political agenda equal to the challenges we’re facing. Meet the majority BIPOC team of trainers, coaches, and movement strategists.


As the independent service for reporting police in the US, Raheem is working to end police terror against Black people by making police behavior visible and accountable. Meet the founder Brandon Anderson and team.

Rapid Response

Rapid Response helps nonprofits and grassroots groups quickly create hotlines and texting services to provide information and support to communities in need. Meet the founder Alicia Nieves and team.

Algorithmic Justice League

The Algorithmic Justice League is leading a cultural movement towards equitable and accountable AI. Meet the founder Joy Buolamwini and team.


Deck tells progressive campaigns who to reach and how to win. Meet the team and learn more.


OpenField helps communities build power, one conversation at a time. Meet Co-Founders Ari Trujillo-Wesler and Emily Del Beccaro

Climate Cabinet Action

Climate Cabinet Action helps decision-makers run, win, and legislate on the climate crisis. Meet the founder Caroline Spears and team.


SmokeSygnals are the leading Native American creative agency in the Northeast, amplifying minority stories and voices. Meet the founders Steven, Paula, and Jennifer Peters.


Indiegraf is a platform for independent journalists and local news publishers. Meet the founders Erin Millar and Caitlin Havlak.

New Media Ventures

NMV invests in entrepreneurs and activists wrestling with the biggest challenges facing our democracy. Meet the president Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman and team.

Global & Collective

Global & Collective are an immigrant-women-led social impact collective. Meet the founder Viv Benjamin and team.

Nia Impact Capital

Nia Impact Capital invests at the intersection of social justice and environmental sustainability.


Luminate funds and supports non-profit and for-profit organisations and advocates for policies and actions that can drive change. We prioritise delivering impact in four connected areas that underpin strong societies: Civic Empowerment, Data & Digital Rights, Financial Transparency, and Independent Media.