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Federica Bombelli

Strategy and Business Development Lead, Above

Ian Annase

Founder & CEO, Zing Drone Delivery

Karin Hollerbach

Managing Director, Aerodyne ASG GmbH

Jason San Souci

Podcast host, Do you know Drones

Dhiraj Dhule

Director of Products

Achal Negi

Director of Business Development, FlytBase

Jack Wang

General Manager of International Division, GDU - Tech

David Cameron

sUAS Prog. Mgr. Campbell Police Dept., Res. Police Officer

Chris Fink

Founder & CEO, Unmanned Vehicle Technologies (UVT)

Pejman Ghorbani

Head of Product Management, Advanced Media Trading LLC (AMT)

David Ferré Viladés

Co-founder, Octocamvision

Jan Petterson

Head of Advanced IOT and Drones, Telia

Calvin Heo


Jesse Stepler

CEO and Co-Founder

Yves Morier

Retired, EASA and DGAC.

Irving Zhang

Solution Engineer, DJI Enterprise

Nathan Hays

Support Operations and Product Specialist, Gresco UAS

Jim Baker

Southeast Account Manager, Gresco UAS

Herbert Oubre

Police Officer, City of Pearland, Texas

Reno Mathews

Director, Regulatory Compliance & Safety, Volatus Aerospace

Andy Pavletich

Product - Robotic Automation, DroneDeploy

Matteo Baronio

Founder & CEO, Cybrid Thrust BV

David Inggs

Head of Robotics at DroneDeploy,

Cyriel Kronenburg

Vice President Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, uAvionix Corporation

Susan Friedman Becker

Marketing Director, Elsight

Yibo Cui

Solutions Engineer Latam, DJI Enterprise

Daniel Pena

CTO, DRfromsky Drones

Baisali Ghosh

Marcom Manager, FlytBase

Neel Sharma

Customer Success Associate

Jeet Singalkar

Customer Success Associate

Grant Hosticka

Head of Solutions Engineering, DJI, North America

Natasha Patil

Product Designer, FlytBase

Ricky Gonzalez

Marketing Manager

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FlytBase is an enterprise-grade drone autonomy platform to fully automate aerial data collection workflows. With little to no human intervention, users can conduct scheduled and repeatable BVLOS drone flights using docking stations, all controlled from their remote command centers. By enabling apps and integrations and ensuring the highest data security standards, reliability, and scalability, the FlytBase platform lets users seamlessly integrate autonomous drones into enterprise workflows.

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DJI Enterprise

World's Leading Drone Company

Sunflower Labs

Autonomous Security Drone

Citymesh Safety Drone

Saving lives through technology

EuroUSC Italia

EuroUSC Italia: Leading consultancy in drone regulation and safety authorisations


Rapid 3D Modeling in 1 Button Press

Federal Office of Civil Aviation Switzerland (FOCA)

World UAV Federation (WUAVF)

WUAVF builds and maintains international UAV resource and network with exhibitions and conferences for over 30 countries

Aerodyne Group

World's No. 1 360DT3 company: Drone Tech, Data Tech, and Digital Transformation


The Leader in Drone Airspace Systems & UTM Technologies


The platform to inform and educate!


We build mansions for robots


IDI Docks - Simple. Affordable. Scalable Automation


On-Demand Drone Services


Enabling Aerial Autonomy with the Atlas and Universal

The Drone Center

Faster, safer, and cost-efficient with Drone-powered Solutions


ReadyMonitor delivers 100% turnkey drone-in-a-box solutions operated remotely by our professional pilots.


Autonomous Drone Experience Starts Here


Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

Gresco Technology Solutions

Your go-to UAS experts

e& enterprise


Technology solutions integration company specializing in drones in Latin America


Automated Large Scale Mapping with Battery Swapping AERI Station


Traffic monitoring - enforcement - security: Actionable insights in real time


Power from Data with Above


Harmonize the sky!


Radar Reimagined


Drone Software & Geospatial Information Service


U-ROB - Germany's No.1 Dock Integrator!

TruWeather Solutions

Weather Innovation From the Ground Up


Get Remote ID Ready With Zing

Aerial Vehicle Safety Solutions (AVSS)

Drone Parachute Recovery Systems & Guided Delivery Systems


Improving Port Logistics with Automated Pile and Volumetric Analysis


Reinvent better connected living.

Advanced Media Trading (AMT)

Broadcast Media Production and Distribution

ContiTech Deutschland GmbH

CONTI ConveyorInspect

Ericsson Drone Mobility

We create limitless connectivity to improve lives, redefine business and pioneer a sustainable future.

Hover UAV

Hover UAVs vision is to be a solution provider and the critical link between emerging drone technologies

FEDS Drone-powered Solutions

Faster, safer, and cost-efficient with Drone-powered Solutions

Unmanned Vehicle Technologies (UVT)

The most advanced industrial unmanned systems backed by mission-critical technical and operational support.


Leading Drone Autonomy Software Platform for Drone Dock Operations.


Advanced remote sensing and software solutions for inspection, surveying and asset management.

Murzilli Consulting

A digital regulatory consulting agency focused on uncrewed systems.

Surf Life Saving NSW

We exist to save lives, create great Australians and build better communities.


Digitalize Your Renewable Energy Assets Using the SkyVisor Software Suite

SkyBound Rescuer

Optimising Drone Performance for Emergency Services


Secured Connectivity Confidence


All your photos, maps and models - from the air to the ground - in one platform.

Ondas Holdings

Global leader in industrial data technology and services


We are the world's leading nonprofit program supporting the use of uncrewed aircraft systems for public safety.

uAvionix Corporation

uAvionix - Making BVLOS Mission a Reality