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Daniel O' Shea

Director, Global Sales & Customer Success, Iris Automation

Christopher Clark

CEO, Delta Drone International

Don Berchoff

CEO, TruWeather Solutions

Yoav Amitai

CEO, Elsight

Jackie Dujmovic

Founder and CEO, Hover UAV

Lorenzo Murzilli

Founder & CEO, Murzilli Consulting

Andreas Ploier

CEO, Drone Rescue Systems GmbH

Peter Park

CEO, Angelswing

Marcus Jackson

Operations Manager, C3 Drones and Robotics

Peter Campbell


Curt Lary

Founder & CEO, Hextronics

Karin Hollerbach

Managing Director, Aerodyne ASG GmbH

Philip Binks

Head of ATM, Altitude Angel

Dawn Zoldi

Founder, P3 Tech Consulting

Calvin Heo


James Penn

Managing DirectoR & Co-founder, Heisha

Shaun Jafarian

CEO, Counterdrone

Luca Brizzi

Executive President, Head of R&D, ADPM Drones

Hans Similon

General Manager, Citymesh - Safety Drone

Nikolay Ryashin

Chief Executive Director, HIVE Droneport

Divyaditya Shrivastava

Founder and CEO, Paladin Drones

David Benowitz

Head Of Research, DroneAnalyst

Ian Annase

Founder & CEO, Zing Drone Delivery

Evan Hertafeld

Co-Founder, A2Z Drone Delivery

Olivier Le Lann

Founder & CEO, EVA

Jason San Souci

Chief Architect, Juniper Unmanned

Ryan Walsh

Founder & CEO, Valqari

Marcelo Musselli

Founder & CPO, Aeroscan

Steve O'Callaghan

Founder & CEO, Protegimus Protection

Nicola Marietti

Founder & General Manager, AiviewGroup

Achal Negi

Director of Business Development, FlytBase

Dhiraj Dhule

Director of Strategic Projects

Nitin Gupta

CEO, FlytBase

Havish Bychapur

Lead Product Engineer, FlytBase

Amogh Bhagawat

Lead Product Engineer, FlytBase

Baisali Ghosh

Marcom Manager, FlytBase

Jon Damush

CEO, Iris Automation

John Vernon

CTO, DroneUp

Glen Lynch

CEO, Volatus Aerospace Corp

Vinayak Singh

Customer Success Manager, FlytBase

Neel Sharma

Customer Success Associate, FlytBase

Grant Hosticka

Head of Solutions Engineering, DJI, North America

Pedram Nowroozi

CTO, Volatus Aerospace

Flora Yang Ting

Solutions Manager for Ecosystem Support, DJI

Freda Peng

Global Solutions Engineering Director, DJI

Kwame Ansong

B.V.L.O.S Flight Operator, SKT Aeroshutter

Olivier Quero

Chief Business Officer, Involi

Joe Gibbs

Director, Civil Unmanned Sales, uAvionix Corporation

Kevin Toderel

General Manager, RMUS Canada

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FlytBase is an enterprise-grade drone autonomy platform to fully automate aerial data collection workflows. With little to no human intervention, users can conduct scheduled and repeatable BVLOS drone flights using docking stations, all controlled from their remote command centers. By enabling apps and integrations and ensuring the highest data security standards, reliability, and scalability, the FlytBase platform lets users seamlessly integrate autonomous drones into enterprise workflows.

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DJI Enterprise

World's Leading Company for Drone-Based Solutions

Volatus Aerospace

The sky is not the limit. It’s where we begin…


Drone-in-a-Box Automation Software


World’s First Software to Power Drone Delivery System


Elsight - Absolute BVLOS drone & UAV connection confidence

Zing Drone Delivery Inc.

Customizable B2B Drone Delivery Solutions

Altitude Angel Ltd

ARROW technology enabling safe BVLOS drone operations


Automated drone monitoring solution

C3 Drones and Robotics

Tailored Drones and Robotics solutions for any use case!

idroneimages ltd - IDIPLOYER

Launching the NeXus Plus For DJI Mavic 2 & 3 - PLUS announcing 2 other Drone Manufacturers


The Path Forward is Up


We guide you into the future

ADPM Drones



Perfecting the Last Inch of the Last Mile

Iris Automation

Ensuring no two aircraft ever collide mid-air

Delta Drone/ Rocketmine

Enabling Drone Autonomy & AI in the Mining Industry

TruWeather Solutions

Weather Innovation From the Ground Up

RMUS Canada

Drone Autonomy in Power Generation


DCap Pro vehicle-mounted drone dock

Paladin Drones

We Deploy Autonomous Drones to 911 Calls. Drone as a First Responder (DFR) technology giving first responders a live overhead view before they arrive on scene

Protegimus Protection Ltd

Providing Effective Safety & Security Automated UAV Solutions - "Maximum Security, Minimum Prescence"


Low-altitude air traffic information for BVLOS Operations

uAvionix Corporation

uAvionix - Making BVLOS Mission a Reality

Counterdrone Inc.

Introducing the OmniDock by Counterdrone


Enabling Aerial Autonomy with the Atlas and Universal

Citymesh Safety Drone

Saving lives through technology

Drone Rescue Systems GmbH

When safety matters