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Jerald Red Buffalo

American Indian College Fund Student Ambassador

Chantay Moore

Certified Financial Educator

Roxanne DeLille

Dean of Indigenous & Academic Affairs, Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College

Sadie Red Wing

Assistant Professor, OCAD University

Amber Grant

Career Readiness Coach, American Indian College Fund

Bridget Skenadore

Native Arts and Culture Program Officer, American Indian College Fund

Dr. Terence Gipson

Assistant Professor of Public Health, St. John Fisher College

Julio Barron

College Success Coach, American Indian College Fund

Damen Bell-Holter

Elijah Hopkins

Vice President of Student Services, Fort Peck Community College

Tommy Christian

Cultural Liaison, Fort Peck Community College

Earl Bullhead

Buffalo Chasers, Fort Peck Community College

Emma Miller

Financial Coach

Sandy Packo

College Readiness Program Administrator, American Indian College Fund

Lisa Silverstein

College Access and Success Senior Program Officer, American Indian College Fund

Rain Newcomb

English Faculty, Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College

Nicolette Weston

Transfer and Admissions Coach, American Indian College Fund

Sina Bear Eagle

Park Ranger

Matthew Johnson

Director of Altnerative Education, Browning Public Schools

Verónica Hirsch

Chiricahua Apache

Raven Freebird

First-Year Experience Coach, White Earth Tribal and Community College

Shoshaunee Perez

First-Year Experience, North West Indian College

Tiffany Gusbeth

Vice President of Student Success Services, American Indian College Fund

Melinda Adams

PhD Candidate, University of California-Davis

Waycen Owens-Cyr

Student, Montana State University Billings

Summer Romero

Student, Colorado State University

Erin Redshirt

Program Assistant, College Access and Success, American Indian College Fund

Zelo-Jade Rael

Student, University of California - Los Angeles

Jasmine Neosh

Student, University of Michigan Law School

Jaci Deitrick

Career Readiness and Employment Intern, American Indian College Fund

Heath Clayton

Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, JPMorgan Chase

Micheleen Pennington

College Readiness Coach, American Indian College Fund

Anna Tsouhlarakis

Assistant Professor of Art and Art History at the University of Colorado Boulder

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