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Modelling World International 2021

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Luis Willumsen

Director, Willumsen Advisory Services & Nommon Technology Solutions

David Hensher

Founding Director of the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies at The University of Sydney.

Phil Goodwin

Emeritus Professor of Transport Policy at UCL and UWE

Ashish Verma

Convenor, IISc Sustainable Transportation, Indian Institute of Science

Graham Currie

Director, Public Transport Research Group, Monash University

Robin Smit

Director at Transport Energy/Emission Research (TER)

Warren Hatch

CEO, Good Judgment Inc

Steven Piotrowski

Technical Principal - Transport Modelling with SMEC

Julie Ballantyne

Christchurch Transportation Team Leader, Stantec

Alexa Delbosc

Senior Lecturer at the Monash Institute of Transport Studies in the Department of Civil Engineering

Ali Inayathusein

National Director of Future Transport, Veitch Lister Consulting

Serbjeet Kohli

Director & India Office Leader, Steer Group

P.K. Sarkar

Prof & Department Head, Transport Planning of the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi

Darren Fidler

Principal Advisor Strategic Transport, Christchurch City Council

David Kriger

Principal, David Kriger Consultants, Inc, Ottawa, Canada

Chris Loader


Revathy Nair

Principal Engineer & Lead for the strategic modelling team at WSP India.

Kerstin Rupp

Auckland & Christchurch Transport Planning Team Leader, Jacobs

Wesley Soet

Transport Modelling Manager at Main Roads Western Australia

Tim Price

Demand Forecasting Manager, Transport for London

Charlene Rohr

Senior Research Leader, RAND Europe

Prashanth Udayakumar

Consultant, Steer

Laurence Oakes - Ash

CEO at City Science

Reza Mohammadi

Director, Reza Mohammadi Consultancy

Tony Brennand

Transport Planning Manager, New Zealand Transport Agency

Neil France

Policy Advisor, Infrastructure Victoria

Sonal Ahuja

Executive Director, Sunovatech

Tom van Vuren

Chairman, Modelling World & Regional Director, UK & Europe, VLC Europe

Jojo Valero

Transport Demand Modelling Leader at the Auckland Forecasting Centre

Anthony Fransos

Principal Transport Engineer, Arcadis Asia Pacific

Abdulrahman Al Mottahar

Ministry of Transport, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Amit Kumar Jain

General Manager, Operations, Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS)

Simon Lusby

Head of Transport Planning, City Science

Dario Menichetti

Regional Director, Middle East, India and Africa, PTV Group

Ian Clark

Director, Flow New Zealand

Robin Jackson

Chief of Infrastructure Prioritisation, Infrastructure Australia

Catherine Liddell

Principal Consultant (Transport Advisory), Veitch Lister Consulting

Patrizia Franco

Principal Techologist, Demand Modelling, Connected Places Catapult

Graeme Belliss

Principal Transport Planning Evaluator, NZ Transport Agency

Gerard de Jong

Director, Significance

Seshagiri Belamara

Modelling Engineer, Ministry of Transport & Communications, Qatar


Director, PTV Group

Mohamed Shahin

Director, CGCE Group

Dr Shalini Sinha

Centre Executive Director, Centre of Excellence in Urban Transport

Stephen Bennett

Transport Modeller, Integrated Transport Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Petr Senk

Professional Services Manager, PTV Group

Boleslav Sivkov

‎Principal Solutions Architect Modelling, PTV Group

Shubhankar Tiwari

Transport and Mobility Planner, Sunovatech

Sreedevi Kottayil

Project Engineer – Transport Consulting, AECOM (GDC), Bangalore, India

Klaus Noekel

Director of Innovation, PTV Group

Bruce Mori

Director, Transport Planning, IBI Group, Canada

Tor Vorraa

Director, CitiMe – Citilabs Middle East Consultancy LLC

Guglielmo Barè

Senior Consultant, CitiMe – Citilabs Middle East Consultancy LLC

Muhammad Farhan

Imam Abdulrahman University and Saudi Aramco

Claire Thompson

Manager, Transport Futures and Innovation, Department of Transport, WA

David Connolly

Director of Technical Development, SYSTRA

Abdul Pinjari

Associate Professor, Transportation Systems Engineering and Chairman CisTUP, IISc Bangalore

Gavin Jackman

Managing Director, Aimsun UK

Frank Milthorpe

Acting Director, Transport Modelling, Transport for New South Wales

Uwe Reiter

Global Project Director, PTV Group

Greg Erhardt

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Kentucky, USA

Matthew Juckes

President, Aimsun Inc, USA

Kate Mackay

Australia Practice Leader for Transport Planning, Mott MacDonald

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Landor LINKS

A specialist communications agency working in the UK and internationally. Transport, infrastructure, urban realm and technology are our specialisms.


Veitch Lister Consulting (VLC)

Bringing 35 years of international experience to the UK

PTV Group

Shaping mobility and transportation for a smarter and cleaner future.

Sunovatech India Private Limited

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Paramics Microsimulation

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Bentley Systems

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Modeling future mobility for integrated transportation solutions.

Landor LINKS

Proud organiser of Modelling World International 2021


National, international and independent outlooks on modelling (the new world)


COVID: Opportunities and challenges for modelling – a southern hemisphere perspective


Successful use of models to predict the new normal


Freight Modelling

REPLAY - Live Demo

Virtual Reality control rooms for mobility driven digital twins, by Sonal Ahuja, Executive Director, Sunovatech


Challenges for the current state of modelling practice in India


New thinking, new models – new insights?


Dealing with uncertainty


Climate change: challenges for transport models

REPLAY: International Plenary

How will the data and modelling landscape in your country change over the next five years?


Answering new questions: strategic models in the Middle East


Modelling new modes and concepts


Modelling: preparing for the new normal