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Isha Ghodgaonkar

ML Developer Advocate

Hayden Barnes

Open Source Community Manager

Jimmy Whitaker

Chief Scientist, Pachyderm

Liam Li

Distinguished Technologist, HPE

Evan Sparks

Head of AI Solutions, HPE

Andrew Mendez

AI Solutions Engineer

Raffaele Tarantino

Data, Analytics, & AI Advisor

Aurelien Cogoluegnes

Data, Analytics, & AI Advisor

Edmondo De Salvo

Data, Analytics, & AI Advisor

Christian Temporale

Data, Analytics, & AI Advisor

Corey Staten

Applied Machine Learning Engineer

Kevin Musgrave

ML Developer Advocate

Sohini Roy

Senior Developer Relations Manager, NVIDIA

Andrea Carboni

AI Customer Engineering

Bradley Laney

Senior Software Engineer

Matthew Steffen


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Determined AI

Determined AI (an HPE company) creates tooling for machine learning developers to train models faster and easier with our open source platform: Determined.

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