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Micromobility World

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Benedict Evans


Horace Dediu

Co-founder, Micromobility Industries

Wayne Ting

CEO, Lime

Janette Sadik-Khan

Partner, Bloomberg Associates

Bradley Tusk

Co-founder & CEO, Tusk Ventures

Eliot Brown

Reporter, Wall Street Journal

Lucas di Grassi

Sustainability Ambassador, eSkootr

Hrag Sarkissian

CEO, eSkootr

Aarian Marshall

Reporter, Wired

Ben Bear

Chief Business Officer, Spin

Carson Brown

Co-founder & Head of Product, Taur

Christian Henke

Head of Product, Emnify

Taco Carlier

Co-founder & CEO, Vanmoof

Kevin Talbot

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Michele Kyrouz

Host, Smarter Cars Podcast

Reilly Brennan

General Partner,

Lavanya Sunder

General Manager, Culdesac

colin roche

Co-founder & CEO, Swiftmile

Sarah Smith

Partner, Bain

Greg Rodriguez

Mobility Policy Principal, Stantec

Turner Novak

General Partner, Gelt VC


Co-Founder & CEO, Acton

Cory Weinberg

Reporter, The Information

Puneeth Meruva


Laura Bliss

Reporter, Bloomberg CityLab

Shoshana Lew

Executive Director, Colorado Department of Transportation

Andrew Salzberg

Head of Policy, Transit App

Melinda Hanson

Co-Founder and Principal, Electric Avenue

Levi Tillemann

Fellow, New America Institute

Alison Griswold

Founder & Editor, Oversharing

Jordan Nof

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Tusk Ventures

Gene Munster

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Loup Ventures

Sam Korus

Ark Investment Management

Christopher Cherry

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Tennessee

Dan Sperling

Automotive Board Member, California Air Resources Board

Julia Thayne

Mobility Innovation Lead, Los Angeles Mayor’s Office

Giancarlo Oranges

General Manager, Vaimoo

David Zipper

Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School

Andrew Hawkins

Reporter, The Verge

Julie Lein

Co-founder and Managing Partner, Urban Innovation Fund,

Melika Jahangiri

VP, Wunder Mobility

Katie Fehrenbacher

Senior Writer, Greenbiz

Jasmin Rimmele

Global Lead for Transport Partnerships & Policy, Voi

Enrico Howe

Researcher, Moped Sharing

Chris Anderson

Business Development & Sales, Invers

Jonathan Selby

General Manager, Founder Shield

Dmitry Shevelenko

Co-founder and President, Tortoise

Tony Ho

VP, Segway-Ninebot

Katie Zandbergen

Community Relations Manager, Rose Park Ventures

Alexander Gmelin

Chief Product Officer, Invers

Oliver Bruce

Podcast Host, Micromobility Industries

Rose Wang

Co-founder & CEO, Euco

Daniel Danker

Head of Product, Uber Eats

Danielle Cheng

Director of APAC & Americas, Okai

Cory Weinberg

Reporter, The Information

Forrest North

Co-founder and CEO, Neptune

Hrag Sarkissian

Founder and CEO, eSkootr

Bradley Tusk

Founder and CEO, Tusk Ventures

Amy Lewin

Deputy Editor, Sifted

Felix Petersen

Head of Europe, Spin

Eric Wang

Co-founder and CEO, Wind

Lihang Nong

Founder & CEO, Nimbus

Kristjan Maruste

Co-founder and CEO, Comodule

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Micromobility Industries

Small vehicles for small trips.

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Together, we make mobility shareable.


Segway-Ninebot is a global enterprise in the field of intelligent short-distance transportation and service robots.

Founder Shield

Founder Shield is a risk management partner for rapidly evolving, high-growth companies.


Seamlessly launch, manage and scale your micromobility fleet anywhere worldwide.


Okai empowers people everywhere to move across their cities, campuses, and communities in ways that are safe, simple, and fun.

Christensen Group

Founded in 1952 and 100% employee-owned, Christensen Group is one of the largest locally-owned, independent insurance brokerages in the United States.


Changing the way we ride.


A leading cloud communication platform provider solely dedicated to IoT.

Fairly Bike

We can help you bring your design from the drawing board to the street or provide complete micromobility solutions to meet all of your needs.

Neptune Scooters

Neptune Scooters is making shared scooters attractive to cities and joyful for riders.


Freedom to move


Powering the micromobility revolution since 2015.


Awarded at CES 2021 Innovation Awards, VAIMOO e-Bike Sharing empowers transportation leaders to achieve a sustainable and efficient mobility experience.


Reboot your commute! Wind offers easy, convenient, inexpensive and fast transportation in urban areas.