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Dario Betti


Andrew Bud

CEO - iProov

Michael Becker

CEO - Identity Praxis

Randy Warshaw

Co-founder & CEO - Provenant Inc.

Bradley Greer

Senior Director, Data Solutions & Partnerships - NetNumber

Eric Priezkalns

Chief Executive - Risk & Assurance Group

Soren Schafft

Founder & CEO - The The Campaign Registry

John Bruner

President and CEO - Aegis Mobile

Stephan Wolf

CEO - Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation

Rebekah Johnson

Founder and CEO - Numeracle

Timothy Ruff

Co-Founder - Digital Trust Ventures Advisor Provenant

Simon Wood

CEO - Ubisecure

Alison McDowell

Co-founder - Beruku Advisory

Andrew Tobin

Commercial Director, Europe, Digital Trust Services - Gen

Daniel Goldscheider

Founder and Executive Director - OpenWallet Foundation

David Palmer

Blockchain and Business IoT Lead - Vodafone

Marie Austenaa

Head of Digital Identity - Visa

David Vigar

VP & GM - TruSense

Fraser King

Head of Commercial Strategy and Identity

Tim Green

Features Editor - MEF

Russ Cohn

General Manager EMEA - OCR Labs

Kevin Sullivan

President, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret.) - Leading Points

Jimmy Jones

Head of Security - ZARIOT

Chris Swan

Engineer - Atsign

Nassia Skoulikariti

MEF - IoT Director

Noah Rafalko

CEO - TSG Global, Inc.

Nicholas Venezia

CEO & Founder - Centillion Group Inc.

Singe StJohn Deakins

Founder & CEO - CitizenMe

Iain Corby

Executive Director - Age Verification Providers Association

Gary Fegan

Solutions Architect and Technical Product Manager - Fujitsu

Nick Mothershaw

Chief identity Strategist - Open Identity Exchange

Steve Hewitt

Founder - Profitunity Ltd

Ian Deakin

Principal Technologist - ATIS

Tom Fish

Head of Public Policy and Research - Gener8

Simon Didcote

Director - OSB Medial

Eli Katz

CEO - XConnect

Priyanka Patel

Innovation Manager - Kenya Red Cross Society

Ellery Shentall

Policy Advisor - UK Department for Science, Innovation and Technology

Michael Power

Founder - Engage Mobile

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