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Radu Apreutesei

Google Ads Specialist @ ZEA

Ivan Chepurnyi

Magento Performance Expert / Trainer @ EcomDev

Dana Gațe

Chief Commercial Officer @ Frisbo

Riccardo Tempesta

Magento Master @ Skeeller, an Adiacent company

Alina Mitrică

Chief Commercial Officer @ Retargeting

Alin Alexandru

CTO @ Innobyte

Mihai Bocai

CEO @ ProductLead

Iulian Ghișoiu

Founder & CEO @ Target Web SEO Agency

Heitor Ramon Ribeiro

Head of Open Source @ Vue Storefront

Ciprian Borodescu

Head of R&D @ Algolia România

Sergio Vera

Software Engineer @ Adobe Commerce

Daniel Del Carmen

Senior Technical Writer @ Adobe Commerce

Cristian Partica

Product Manager @ Adobe Commerce

Max Lesechko

Senior Software Engineer @ Adobe

Silvia Niculescu

Project Manager @ ZEA

Eric Erway

Group Product Manager Adobe Commerce @ Adobe

Vlad Stănescu

CTO @ Zento

Vinai Kopp

Magento Expert, Developer & Trainer

Christian Wilhelm Roth

CEO @ StageMe.Live

Daniela Marin

Principal Manager @ BERD

Valentin Sandu

Magento Architect @ R7 Digital Commerce

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As a next-gen Software-as-a-Service eCommerce solution, we create events for everybody involved in eCommerce and Magento, from merchants to developers.

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