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Meaningful Conversations

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Alex Woodcraft

Director - Customer Engagement, GAIN Credit LLC

John Desborough

Chief Thought Provoker, Desborough Consulting Group

Andrei Alexandr Danilov

Platform Engineer, Typeform

Javier A. Miranda

CMO, Too Good to Go

David Salvador Astals

Security Engineer, Typeform

James Oliver, Jr.

CEO, ParentPreneur Foundation

Olga Hörding

Principal User Researcher, Typeform

Dom Farnan

Founder + CEO, DotConnect

Lindsay Tjepkema

CEO + Co-Founder, Casted

Crystal Cook

Customer Support Manager, Typeform

Amber Takahashi

Founder + CEO, Brown Girl Tech World

Andres Colmenares

Co-Director, IAM

May Olmo Caballero

Senior Creative Producer, Typeform

Cristina Apple Georgoulakis

Operating Partner, Seven Seven Six

Javier Suarez

CEO + Co-Founder, Oliva Health

Alli Young

CEO, The Forem

Rita MacDonald-Korth

Co-Founder +CEO, Circl

Joey Katona

Senior Manager, Eagle Hill Consulting

Amber Hawthorne

Founder, Bambu Earth

Omar Parbhoo

Vice President, ideas42

Alex Ryan

Interim Manager of Customer Outcomes, Typeform

Sydney Arkin

Founder + Kingpin, Bad Walter's Bootleg Ice Cream

Andrew Wilson

Customer Outcomes Manager, Typeform

Sandy Lin

Director + Founder, Small Business Tips

Jon Riggall

Education Team Manager, Typeform

Elinor Samuelsson

UX Designer + Founder, BrightAct

David Apple

Head of Customer Success, Notion

Summer Taylor

Founder, Shine Lab Co.

Cristina Garcia Avila

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Typeform

Brenda Estrada

Technical Support Advocate, Typeform

Zabrina Hossain

Product Lead, Shopify

Neha Varshneya

Senior Manager, Platform Marketing, Thinkific

Travis Hollingsworth

Founder, Norn

Danny Gray

Head of Channel Sales, Typeform

Yuri Martins

Senior Product Designer, Typeform

Jackie Newnam

Product Manager for Channel Experience, Typeform

Gregory Koberger

Founder, ReadMe

Mario Giulio Bertorelli


Kirti Kana

Founder + CEO, Conscious Culture Coffee + Soul Care House

Will Allen-Mersh

Partner, Spill

Paloma Aelyon

Strategist + Storyteller, The New Company

Kasia Gawdzik

Employee Engagement Specialist, Typeform

Elizabeth Babinski

Founder, Liz Rae & Co + Community Support Advocate, Typeform

Navit Reid

Learning + Inspiration Coordinator, VideoAsk

Dan Lewis

Support Team, VideoAsk

Debi Hasky

Artist + Designer

Vix Reitano

Founder + CEO, Agency 6B

Stanley Tate

Student Loan Lawyer, Tate Law

Joanna Delaney

Senior Marketing Strategist, VideoAsk

Nikki Michelsen

Co-Founder + Co-CEO, ohne

Teresa Lee

Copywriter, Typeform

Laura Fernández Giménez

CEO + Co-Founder, allWomen

Nicolas Grenié

Developer Advocate, Typeform

Geanna Flavetta

Manager of Growth Success, Klaviyo

Leslie Wong

Founder, Burgundy Fox

Carolina Macia

Founder, Art Garage

Dr. Julia Garcia

CEO, Help Online + Give a DOSE

Ganna Kryklii

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Typeform

Rachel Kalt

Meaningful Conversations Curator, Typeform

Ismael Mendoza

Meaningful Conversations MC

Pep Sanz

Employee Engagement Specialist, Typeform

Owners Hopin

Meaningful Conversations Curator, Typeform

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Typeform inspires brands to have meaningful conversations, at scale. We believe that every interaction counts, and we seek to create products and experiences that foster a world of more personalized relationships.

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