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Eline van der Vorm

Implementation Manager at DMARC Advisor

Raymond Dijkxhoorn

Co-Founder, SURBL

Udeme Ukutt

Postmaster, LinkedIn

Sandy Kartopawiro

COO & Co-Founder, SEINō

Taylor Raffa

Mass Email Team Lead, Semrush

Pierre Pignault

Founder and CEO, Mailsoar

Ian Truscott

Founder Rockstar CMO & CMO, Spotler Group

Kiran Gange

CEO/ Founder, RapidPricer B.V.

Mohammed Zaman

Implementation Consultant, DMARC Advisor

Wendy Werve

Chief Marketing Officer, Marigold

Jamshed Mughal

SVP, Global Head of Strategy & Services, Marigold

Suzanna Chaplin

CEO at esbconnect

Melle Staelenberg

VP of Growth, Hudson's Bay Company

Koen Wackers

Solution Consultant Cybersecurity, PostNL

Miracle Inameti-Archibong

Head of Organic Search, John Lewis

May King Tsang

MC & CFO (Chief FOMO Officer)

Kisha Anderson

Founder, EmailArtisan

Nadim Lahoud

VP Strategy & Operations, Red Sift

Franck Martin

♬Artist♪ @

Joachim Garraud

Artist, Music Producer

Richard Thomas

Multi-Channel Marketing Technology Consultant, DRCX

Jaroslaw Rozanski

Founder, Wide Angle

Frans Riemersma

Founder, MarTechTribe

Vicente Del Valle Papić

Senior Manager Marketing Ecommerce Retention at PUMA North America (US&CA)

Dela Quist

Founder & CEO, Alchemy Worx

Fernando Rubino Pereira

Global Email Marketing Manager, Canyon Bicycles GmbH

Simon Moss

Marketing Director at Spotler

Tristan Albersen

Email marketing & CDP specialist, Spotler

Tim Bout

Team Lead B2B New Business, Spotler

Lucas Freriks

Head of Partnerships, Squeezely

Aparna Sundaresh

Global Chief Marketing and Digital Officer

Albert Mombarg

MD Squeezely Search

John Sadeghipoor

Director of Marketing, Free People Europe

Laura Paterson

Senior Marketing Manager, Skyscanner

Oliver Wolfs

Co-Founder l Chief Extreme OwnershipCo-Founder l Chief Extreme Ownership, WeHave

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