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Andrea R. Roberts, PhD (She, Her)

Assistant Professor, Urban Planning, TAMU / Freedom Colonies

Marcus Young

Geographic Information System Specialist at State Historic Preservation Office

Clinton Johnson (he, him, his)

Esri's Racial Equity & Social Justice Lead / President of NorthStar of GIS

tameshia rudd-ridge

Co-founder at kinkofa

.Jourdan Brunson

Co-founder at kinkofa

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NorthStar of GIS

NorthStar of GIS is a nonprofit organization promoting racial justice and equity through geography and GIS technology. We aim to increase Black representation in geo fields and promote equitable geographic approaches. We seek to ensure that geo work accounts for intersecting systems of oppression like racism, sexism, and socioeconomic injustice. By advocating for geospatial practices that lead to fair distributions of public and private resources, we aim to provide more pathways to success for Black people and improve day-to-day life for all communities, with equitable access to shade, parks, recreation, high-quality education, caring and dignified medical care, and more.

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