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MAP 20 Demo Day

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Rhianna Knight

Founder: Team Timbuktu

Iain Stewart

Co-Founder: Exergenics

Francesco Lanciana

Founder: Scribe

Cynthia Barnicoat

Co-Founder, DiaperRecycle

Adam Chen

Co-Founder, Insight Infrastructure Solutions

Samantha Nicolaides

Co-Founder, Scriibi

Penny Weber

Co-Founder, Recovawear

Kanav Batra

Co-Founder, Envision Labs

Jock Lawrence

Co-Founder, Mobble

Max Mito

Co-Founder, Strong Room

Heath Evans

Host, MAP Staff

Natasha Luscri

Host, MAP Staff

Tim Bright

MAP Event Manager

Rebecca Marcs

Arrivals Host, University of Melbourne

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Hosted by

Melbourne Accelerator Program

Australia's leading startup accelerator

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Exergenics software makes commercial cooling more efficient and sustainable.


Recovawear is next level recovery: designed to take the pain out of dressing

Team Timbuktu

A sustainable outdoors brand, creating clothing from recycled plastic bottles.


DiaperRecycle is making an environmental impact by diverting nappies from landfill and recycling them into consumer products

Insight Infrastructure Solution

The future of underwater technology


Giving every student the ability to write with confidence.


Scribe - Your teams organisational memory

Envision Labs

Reopening cities in a Covid Safe way, with real-time mobility data.


Farm & livestock record keeping done simply.

Strong Room

AI-driven controlled drug management platform with the aim of reducing adverse drug events.

MAP - Hopin How To!

Australia's leading Startup Accelerator

Edapt Education

Redefining how schools measure learning and success

Harness the power of stories to build better digital products.


Better Future Food Generation

Navi Medical Technologies

Navi is an award winning startup creating medical devices which help children lead brighter healthier futures.

Pride Cup

Celebrating inclusion and diversity in community sport!


Australia's leading immersive technology company

Umps Health

Umps Health supports older Australians to remain safe and well in their own home through smart home technology.

Hello Cass

A safe, secure and anonymous chatbot making it easier to talk about family and sexual violence.


Alleviating the fear of needle experiences through innovative VR technology


Exceptionally detailed 3D surveys online to save you $40k!

thingc Robotics

thingc Robotics has developed an on-demand workforce for agriculture, using small, lightweight, smart field robotics.

Raine Scooters

The world’s smartest, safest, most exhilarating electric scooter

Luna Baby

Celebration and education for families of premature babies

Gecko Traxx

Outdoor Adventure For All Abilities

Startup Galaxy

A directory of the startups, investors, accelerators and jobs that make up the Australian Startup Ecosystem

She's a Crowd

She’s A Crowd is a Melbourne-based startup that uses crowdsourced data to make cities safe for women.


ēthikos enables increased customer loyalty within the ethical and sustainable fashion industry and incentivises purposeful consumption

Sleigh Group

Sleigh Group is a media company using technology to bring diverse stories to audiences around the globe.


Plant-based food made easy!


Honestly good dog food

Silicon Beach Australia

Silicon Beach - Empowering Founders

Allume Energy

Unlocking rooftop solar for apartments