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Pitch Day & Talks, Startup Event for Founders and Investors

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Alessandro Marianantoni

Founder M Accelerator

Ellen Deng

CEO, Vinofy

Vincent Hoonings


Abi Hannah

CEO, Fertility Circle

Bhaskar Ahuja

CEO, OriginScale

Matt Riback

CEO, Dreamfully

Karen Hanson

CCO, Fertility Circle

Paolo Russo

CMO, PipolMaps

Camillo Castellani

COO, GetaStand

Jo Living

COO, Fertility Circle

Paolo Castioni

CEO, GetaStand

Andrea Batticani

CFO, Albero Air

Scott Hindell

Lead Business Coach, M Accelerator

Anand Deshpande

Head of Startup Program @ Segment

theodoros Moulos

Group CEO at GrowthRocks

Martin Stellnberger


angelo scipio

CEO, PipolMaps

Giulia Francesca Primo

CEO, Cycloop

samuel carro

Digital Marketing, GetaStand

Sunny Singh

President, Tech Coast Angels

Moaaz Khan

Marketing Analyst, Integromat

David de Jesus

Managing Director, Action Ventures

Scott Matthews

Vice President, Dune Road Capital

Josse Kunst

Circular Entrepreneur & Impact Investor

Anshul Vig

CTO, OriginScale

Silvia Mah

Investor, Forbes contributor, Advocate 4 diverse founders

Noble Drakoln

co-funder M Accelerator Fund

Jenna Fuentes

M Accelerator Event Program Manager & Consultant

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The Fertility Circle

Fertility Circle is the trusted champion for the 1 in 6 who struggle to conceive.


Originscale is a SaaS platform intended to bring absolute transparency to the supply chains enabling: Consumers make informed decisions about the products they want to consume Brands establish integrity, trust, and credibility into their product making and selling.


Getastand provides a remote virtual sales experience to b2b companies, we raised 145k in 2019 to work with real exhibition spaces, and now during the Covid we have done virtual ones.


High quality textiles at the cost of polyester

Albero Air

innovative nanotechnological air purification system that can be applied to both the world of indoor and outdoor pollution.


Dreamfully is a digital wellness app that helps you manage your stress/anxiety through visually guided mindfulness aids. helps people do their estate planning fast, affordably, and legally in every state.


PipolMaps, the app that allows you to create new social connections with interesting people, sharing passions and doing activities with them, in the real world. “Like Google Maps, but with people instead of places”


Rucept is an in-app merchandising platform for video game and content merchandising and licensing.


Vinofy is the first video-based Social Wine App to help wine lovers discover, share and shop wine together all in one place.