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Polish Astrobiology Society

We are a group of Polish scientists whose research reaches far beyond the Karman line. We work in various fields, including biologists, geologists, physicists and even lawyers. However, we are united by a common goal - to study life in the Universe. We decided to work together to develop and popularize astrobiology in Poland.

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Martian exploration inside out

Michał Wnuk

Welcome in space, dear red cells

Nikita Zychowska

Dedicated science communicators in science teams

Ryan Kirby

AMBER - Autonomous Modular Biotechnological Experiment on a Rocket

Bartosz Rybacki

Lichen symbiosis as an effective resistance strategy against extreme conditions

Karolina Chowaniec

Artificial Intelligence in pursuit of life analyzing wavelengths of matter

Aruna Devi TM, Karthiga Dhanasekaran


Luis Alberto Allccahuaman

"Adaptation of ants to extreme environments, such as Mars - Can ants be trained to survive in a CO2 atmosphere that is a 100 times higher then Earths?"

Odelia Petersen-Mahrt

Fault diagnosis and health monitoring for space machine purposes with the use of their own magnetic field – a review of available solutions

Karolina Popowska

Astrobiology for young people in academic hurry – meet the Astrobiology Section of KPStUJ

Karol Nowak

From planetary protection to space applications – The role of spaceborne organisms from stand point of international space law and policy

Kamil Muzyka

Environmental pH fluctuations accelerate RNA self-copying by mediating RNA:RNA dissociations

Byunghwa Kang

Earth without Life: A Global Network Model of Abiotic Phosphorus Cycling on Earth Through Time

Javed Akhter Mondak

Machine learning algorithm to characterize antimicrobial resistance associated with the International Space Station surface microbiome

Pedro Madrigal