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Polish Astrobiology Society

We are a group of Polish scientists whose research reaches far beyond the Karman line. We work in various fields, including biologists, geologists, physicists and even lawyers. However, we are united by a common goal - to study life in the Universe. We decided to work together to develop and popularize astrobiology in Poland.

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Polish Astrobiology Society

We are working together to develop and popularize astrobiology in Poland

A new way of Panspermia Hypothesis and Origin of Life

Sithamparam Mahendran

Tardigrades exposed to the Stratosphere in Peru

Allccahuaman Luis Alberto

"Biomethanation" signature of life on planet Mars

Kuna Kishor Yadav Kunal Yadav

Water bears (Tardigrada) in hipomagnetic conditions.

Erdmann Weronika

Complex Network Theory applied to phosphorus astrochemistry

Fernández Ruz Marina

Synthetic biology and terraforming of Mars

Jeżyńska Aleksandra

3D Printing and 3D BioPrinting - a key for exploratory missions.

Pomarańska Aleksandra

Target genome editing in bacteria

Noszka Mateusz

The role of quantum chemistry in prebiotic astrochemistry

Gurba Mikołaj

Collisional excitation and radiative transfer modelling of interstellar propylene oxide

Dzenis Karlis

Red microalgae and cyanobacteria in space exploration

Borowska Ewa Izabela

The Moon habitat- how will we going to live there?

Suścicka Beata

The polymer polycations and the natural clay minerals

Zimowska Katarzyna

Photochemistry of nucleobases

Borysiuk Beata

Photostability of RNA/DNA nucleosides precursors

Okoń Róża

Space Exploration: Equipping the Extraterrestrial Laboratory

Latos Krystian

Targeting amyloids to prevent biofilms in space

Zajkowski Tomasz

Xenobiology: creating new-to-nature life forms

Łopucki Krystian