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Launch of the 2021 Report of the Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change

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Marina Romanello

Research Director at the Lancet Countdown

Sunita Narain

Editor, Down To Earth and Director, Centre for Science and Environment

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Director General at the World Health Organization

Tamara Lucas

Executive Editor at The Lancet

Helen Clark

Former Prime Minister of New Zealand

Elizabeth Robinson

Director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment

Almaaz Mudaly

High School Liaison for the SA YCAP

Rachel Lowe

Director of Lancet Countdown in Europe

Georgiana Gordon Strachan

Director of Lancet Countdown in Small Island Developing States

Anthony Costello

Co-Chair of the Lancet Countdown

Wenjia Cai

Director of Lancet Countdown in Asia

Stella Hartinger

Director of Lancet Countdown in South America

Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum

Head of World Health Organization Climate Change Unit

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Lancet Countdown

The Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change exists to monitor the transition from climate threat to health opportunity. We are a collaboration of leading experts from academic institutions and UN agencies across the globe, bringing together climate scientists, engineers, energy specialists, economists, political scientists, public health professionals and doctors. Each year our findings are published annually in medical journal The Lancet ahead of the UN climate change negotiations. Our data makes clear how climate change is affecting our health, the consequences of delayed action and the health benefits of a robust response.


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