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Ryn Bennett

Chief Ingredients Officer

Liz Kepner

Baker's Dozen member

Ben Klein

Chief Recipe Officer

Ceri Mescall

Rockstar consultant

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Proposal Industry Experts

At Proposal Industry Experts (PIE), we dare to dream about a better future for proposal teams, in which we're paid better, valued more, and empowered to become our best selves. We deliver the freshest news and best practices for proposal people, processes, and technology! We've created an intentionally inclusive social media platform (at, where sales response professionals can share resources and get to know each other. Within PIE's *free* community, proposal pros can access a library of hundreds of real-world, tactical resources to improve their proposal response. Simply use the search bar to access vetted slide decks, templates, white papers, guides, and other advice from the industry's top leaders. We don't just help you write winning sales responses. We help you protect your team from burnout, advocate for the resources you need, and build stronger, more enduring approaches to driving revenue.

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