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James Bell

Head of AI and Machine Learning for the Customer Solution Engineering Group

Olga Holin

Founder at White Husky

Iris Stein

Product Marketing Manager at GOARC

Ben Jones

Chief Product Officer, Primer.AI

Rishad Tobaccowala

Advisor / Former Chief Strategy Officer, Public Groupe

Meena Almaula

Senior Consultant, Strategy & Competitive Intelligence Practice, Tata Business Excellence Group

Gabriel Anderbjoerk

CEO, Inzyon AB

John Booth

VP of Marketing, Cipher

Charlene Chambliss

Machine Learning Engineer, Primer.AI

Antonia Dieterich

Personnel Manager, Daimler Trucks

Bob Gourley

CTO and Co-Founder, OODA Loop

Dominique Jeitziner

Senior Analyst, Strategic Market Intelligence, Swisscom

Jesper Martell

CEO and Founder, Comintelli

Catriona Oldershaw

Co-Founder, The Insights Distillery

Suki Fuller

Fellow, The Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows

August Jackson

Senior Director, Market & Competitive Intelligence, Deltek

Julie Dawson

Director of Regulatory and Policy, Yoti

Debbie Reynolds

Founder, Debbie Reynolds Consulting, LLC

Rohan Light

Practice Lead, Data Governance, Strategy and Risk, Lemonade Labs / forHumanity

Cynthia Cheng Correia

Managing Director, Knowledge inForm

Jay Nakagawa

Director, Competitive Intelligence

Alysse Nockels

Senior Director, Head of Competitive Intelligence

JP Ratajczak

Director, Competitive Intelligence

Laurie Young

Director, Competitive Intelligence

Richard Caldwell

Sector Manager, Strategic Competitive Landscape Assessments, Northrop Grumman

Christophe Bisson

Associate Professor, Scientific Director, SKEMA Business School

Claudia Clayton

Managing Director, Expedient

Phil Britton

Associate Director, Business Services Group

Craig S. Fleisher

Chief Analytics Officer, Aurora WDC

Andrew Beurschgens

Head of Market and Competitive Intelligence, BT Group plc

John Bohannon

Director of Science,

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