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iMFLUX Fearless Innovation Series

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JSW America

AGS Technology

Illinois-Based Injection Molder: Recycled Content - Cost Savings - Minority Supply

LM3 Technologies, Inc

PAQi Machine Vision Inspection

Peacock Colors

Color Your World With Us!


SPE-Inspiring Plastics Professionals

Sustainable Resins

Green Solutions for a Better World

Q&A Continued

Following Main Event wrap up

iMFLUX Education

The key to your success!


Mold Building & Innovation Center

Simulation Services

Simulating iMFLUX with Moldflow

Ask the Expert

iMFLUX Processing

iMFLUX Sales

Here live to answer your questions!

The Green Curve

MFLUX Technology – a better way to mold

Sustainability Solutions

iMFLUX and Sustainability Advantages

How do I get iMFLUX?

How do I buy iMFLUX?