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Julia Pampus

Researcher at Fraunhofer ISST

Alberto Berreteaga Barbero

IDS Competence Centre Coordinator at TECNALIA

Andreas Teuscher

Chief Industrial Security Officer at SICK

Bauke Rietveld

Senior Consultant at INNOPAY

Douwe Lycklama

Founding Partner at INNOPAY

Gerd Brost

Researcher at Fraunhofer AISEC

Heinrich Pettenpohl

Researcher at Fraunhofer ISST

Igor Balog

Software Engineer at Engineering

Maarten Kollenstart

Researcher at TNO

Marko Turpeinen

CEO at 1001 Lakes

Markos Matsas

Senior Project Manager at IDSA

Matthias de Bièvre


Mattia Marzano

Researcher at Engineering

Mika Huthamäki

Head of Identity and MyData at Vastuu

Mike de Roode

Consultant Data Ecosystems at TNO

Mikko Sierla

Manager International Affairs at Vastuu

Richard Ooms

Consultant at INNOPAY

Robin Brandstädter

Software Engineer at Fraunhofer IESE

Sarah Becker

Founder and Managing Partner at idigiT

Sebastian Steinbuss


Dandan Wang

Solutions Architect at Deutsche Telekom

Herman Pals

Business Consultant at TNO

Koki Mitani

Senior Research Engineer at NTT

Michaela Drost

Consultant Data Economy & Data Spaces at T-Systems International

Aitor Celaya Jometon

Infrastructure Test Engineer at SQS

Andreas Heindl

Project Manager Mobility Data Space at acatech

Anne-Sophie Taillandier

Director TeraLab Platform at IMT

Chris Schlueter Langdon

Data Analytics Executive and Scientist at Deutsche Telekom

Joerg Langkau

CEO at nicos

Josu Fernández Pereda

Testing and Software Quality Consultant at SQS

Markus Taumberger

Line Manager at VTT

Monika Huber

Researcher at Fraunhofer AISEC

Nadia Scandelli

Head of Smart Industry Solutions Unit at Cefriel

Sascha Hackel

Researcher at Fraunhofer FOKUS

Christoph Mertens

Head of Adoption at IDSA

Lars Nagel


Jonas Winkel

Senior Associate Cybersecurity & Privacy at PwC

Ralf Neubauer

Principal Project Manager at MSG Group

Markus Ketterl

Lead Business Consultant at MSG Group

Carlos González Ruiz

Community Manager at IDSA

Jesús Alonso

Innovations Consultant at Innovalia

Begoña Laibarra

Director of SQS

Gabriele De Luca

Senior Researcher at Engineering

Tim Wirtz

Senior Data Scientist at Fraunhofer IAIS

Antoine Garnier

Senior Project Manager at IDSA

Birgit Heinke

Scientific Advisor Mobility at acatech

Sebastian Kleff

Co-Founder and CEO at sovity

Sebastian Opriel

Co-Founder and CTO at sovity

Anil Turkmayali

Senior Project Manager at IDSA

Ray Walshe

AI, Data Governance & Standardization Specialist

Juanjo Hierro


Edward Curry

Director of Insight Centre for Data Analytics

Ana Garcia Robles

Secretary General at BDVA

Francesco Bonfiglio

CEO at Gaia-X

Ulrich Ahle


Georg Schnauffer

Catena-X Product Transfer Manager at ARENA2036

Sascha Knake-Langhorst

Head of Data Collection and Information Gathering at DLR

Bert Verdonck

Program Manager Health Data Spaces at Philips

Rainer Straeter

SVP Cloud Services and Global Platform Hosting at IONOS

Gerard van der Hoeven

Executive Director at iSHARE Foundation

Silvia Castellvi

Senior Consultant Stakeholders Engagement at IDSA

Peter Koen

Principal Cloud Standards Architect at Microsoft

Arian Firouzbakhsh

Solution Architect at IDSA

Maro Bader

Excellence Lead Digital Transformation at Roche

Uwe Reiter

Global Project Director at PTV Group

Frank Köster

Founding Director at DLR

Dennis Weber

Data Engineer at Advaneo

Hannes Bauer


Gernot Boege

Solution Architect at FIWARE

Sonia Jimenez

Senior Consultant Programme Management at IDSA

Daniel Riexinger

Senior Manager AI & Data Driven Business Models at Daimler AG

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International Data Spaces – Enabling Data Economy

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IDS Implementation Partners

Boost innovation with the right support

IDS Implementation Partner: Fraunhofer ISST

With IDS technology to new business models in a transparent and agile way


Making data sovereign ecosystems a reality

IDS Implementation Partner: MSG

Building the fast lane to sustainable ecosystems

IDS Implementation Partner: Sovity

Sovity provides IDS technology as managed service – #DataSovereigntyAsAService

IDS Implementation Partner: VTT

Beyond the obvious

IDS Evaluation Facilities and Testbed Providers

Trust established through certification, interoperability enabled by tested components

IDS Evaluation Facility: Fraunhofer AISEC

Innovation in – and with – security

IDS Evaluation Facility: SQS

Trust along the life-cycle of your data space

IDS Testbed Provider: nicos AG

Your partner for secure, global data communications