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emailexpert Live! Festival of Email

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Our Sponsors and Partners


Udeme Ukutt

Postmaster, LinkedIn

Kath Pay

Thought Leader of the Year, ANA Email Experience Council

Alice Cornell


Samar Owais

Email Strategist & Copywriter,

Jeanne Jennings

General Manager, Only Influencers

LoriBeth Blair

Founder, Platonic Ideal

Ryan Phelan

Chief Marketing Officer, Origin Email Agency

Amy Mangueira

Founder, Email Growth Society

James Linton

Email Prankster, Social Engineer & Phishing Expert, The Whole

Matthew Vernhout

VP, Deliverability North America, Netcore Cloud

Veronika Šklíbová​

Head of CRM & emailing, Notino

Pavel Pola

E-mailing enthusiast & CEO, Etnetera Activate

David Finger

Senior Product Manager, Email

Martin Halama

Co-founder, Mailnatives

Jakub Cel

Team Manager, INTERIA.PL

Marcel Becker

Senior Director Product Management, Verizon Media umbrella (Yahoo, AOL, Verizon)

Arne Allisat

Head of Mail Application Security, 1&1 Mail & Media Applications

Tali Hasanov

Principal, Certified Digital Marketing Consultant, WSI Digital Path

Tanya Plaza

Head of Deliverability, dotdigital

Keith Kouzmanoff

Postmaster of Email, Inter7

Raghav Hunasgi

CMO, Evolutyz Corp

Chaitanya Chinta

Global Head - Email Business

Alexandra Palau

CEO, All About Email Marketing

Jennifer Nespola Lantz

Industry Relations and Deliverability, Kickbox

Jordan Cohen

CEO & Founder, The Fox Hill Group

Krish Ramachandran

Chief Revenue Officer, Netcore

Amit Ahuja

Vice President - Sales, Netcore Cloud

Sebastian Kluth

Technical Lead, CSA

Alex Brotman

Sr Engineer, Anti-Abuse, Comcast

Kait Creamer

CRM Marketing Manager, Framer

Jay Oram

Email Coder, Action Rocket

Jennifer Cannon

Client Success Manager, ShotFlow

Maarten Oelering

Partner/CTO, Postmastery

Dr. Ada Barlatt, Ph.D.

Founder, Operations Ally

Montell Jordan

A special video cameo appearance

Chaitra Vedullapalli

Co-Founder & CMO, Digital Strategy, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, Meylah

Scott Hardigree

Founder, Email Industries

Elliot Ross

Email Marketing, Sparkpost

Skip Fidura

Fractional CMO, NED, Board Advisor, Public & Video Speaking Coach, Event Host and Keynote Speaker

Neharika Sharma

Senior Manager - CSM, Netcore Cloud

Ornella Gallo

Senior Email Marketing Manager at WeTransfer

Steve Freegard

Senior Product Owner, Abusix

Mbali Vilakazi

Email Deliverability Specialist, Everlytic

Ravi Shankar

Chief Growth & Digital Officer, AirAsia

Ramakant Khandelwal

Chief Marketing & Digital Officer at PAYBACK India

Riaz Kanani

CEO/Founder, Radiate B2B

Jan Jelinek

Marketing Director, Alensa

Dibya Prakash Sahoo

AVP - Product Management, Netcore Cloud

Casey Hill

Head of Growth, Bonjoro

Jacques Prothon

Founder, ODICCI

Santosh Valecha

Global Head - Customer Success, Netcore Cloud

Saket Kumar Jha

Chief Revenue officer - SEA, MEA, ANZ & East Asia, Netcore Cloud

Anurag Mukherjee

Head Of Technology, Matahari

Avantika Jain

Regional GM, Demand, Fave

Mohit Panjwani

Director, Revenue and Growth, Myntra

Ashish Bajaj

Head Of Marketing, DocsApp

Tanishq Juneja

Global Product Marketing Head, Netcore Cloud

Faruk Aydin

Head of Growth, iAge Technologies

Scott Cohen

Stefan Pollard Email Thought Leader of the Year, Head of CRM, Purple

Tejas Pitkar

Product marketing and Growth, Netcore Cloud

Raymond Dijkxhoorn

Co-Founder, SURBL

Luke Glasner

Founder, Glasner Consulting

Lauren Meyer

EVP of Product Marketing & Brand Strategy, SocketLabs

Lisa S. Jones

Founder, EyeMail Inc

Jakub Olexa

Founder & CEO, Mailkit

Toshi Onishi

APAC Deliverability, dotdigital

Sergey Syerkin

Deliverability Evangelist, Netcore Cloud

Roland Pokornyik

Founder & CEO, Chamaileon

Ricky White

CEO & Founder, Start Inboxing

Dr. Matthew Dunn

Founder/CEO, Campaign Genius

Brian Godiksen

Director, Customer Solutions, SocketLabs

John Peters

Deliverability Specialist, Campaign Monitor

Anne-Sophie Marsh

Director, Deliverability Services, Epsilon

Balasubbhramaniyam Ayyaswaami

Head of Online Business, Netcore Cloud

Andrew Bonar

Co-founder, emailexpert

Jon May

Email Marketing, The R.A.C

Radek Kaczynski

CEO & Founder, Bouncer

Tonya Gordon

Manager, Deliverability and Compliance, Klaviyo

Brad Gurley

Director, Deliverability, MessageGears

Tamara Bond

Delivery Ops Manager at dotdigital

Najmah Salam

Email Marketing Manager, Filtered

James Linton

Email Prankster, Social Engineer & Phishing Expert, The Whole

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