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Liren Baker

Creator of Kitchen Confidante

Kenny Annis

Owner of Sky Cafe

Carolyn Jung

Creator of

Martin Yan

Chef, Food Consultant, and Chef Instructor of Yan Can Cook, Inc.

Crystal Wahpepah

Chef and Owner of Wahpepah's Kitchen

Alicia Casas

Vegan Baker at Jaguar Baker

Shruti Boddu

Founder of Shru's Kitchen

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Acterra: Action for a Healthy Planet

Our mission is to bring people together to create local solutions for a healthy planet.

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Healthy Plate, Healthy Planet

With Climate Change, Your Food Choices Matter!

Bay Area Air Quality Management District

A Healthy Breathing Environment for Every Bay Area Resident

Upcoming Acterra Events

Take a look at Acterra's exciting events for the month of November

Musings on food, wine, laughter and life

Jaguar Baker


Kitchen Confidante

Sharing Taste and Inspiration

Shru's Kitchen

Vegan Home Bakery, Bay Area, CA

Sky Cafe

We specialize in vegan, organic, and non-GMO cuisine.

Wahpepah's Kitchen

Native American Cuisine

Yank Can Cook, Inc.

If Yan can cook, so can you!

Peninsula Foodist

Dig into food news on the Peninsula.

Community Outreach Partners

Thank you to all of the Community Outreach Partners for supporting Holiday reFresh 2021