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BrainBrosia Entertainment

Benefit from Gaming - use “Gamified Solutions” to motivate and inspire people in a sustainable way!

Levelling up Health Literacy within the workforce

"BRZ aktiv" as a sample for the Power of Gamification

Budiyu - your health companion

The unique strengths of Budiyu are networking, conversation-based interaction and an interactive today screen

Escape the Unknown

Escape Room with which you learn playfully about health data.

Kurvenkratzer GmbH

Kurvenkratzer GmbH is an agency for digital healthcare communication, serious gaming and an online magazine.

Medicus AI

Empower your Patients with the Best Technology

mySugr GmbH

At mySugr, we envision a world where people with diabetes can live full, healthy lives, free from worrying about the daily grinds of their therapy. In short: we make diabetes suck less!


TeleDoc - Your Health Companion

Health Hub Vienna

Changing Healthcare through innovation & entrepreneurship