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Asha Keddy

Keynote Speaker, CVP at Intel

A.J. Brush

Partner Group Manager at Microsoft

Maryellen Giger

Healthcare Tech Panelist

Sumayyah Ahmed

Mobile Engineer at Comcast

Fatima Taj

Software Engineer at Yelp

Alix (she/her) Lacoste

AI Research Program Director at Invitae

Cindy Juarez

Bloomberg Software Engineer

Lauren Reed

IT Program Manager at Harvard Medical School

Elaine Short

Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor at Tufts

Karen Chen

Trader at IMC

Lauren Bedal

Senior Interaction Designer & Choreographer, Google ATAP

Tulsee Doshi

Google Head of Product - Responsible AI & ML Fairness

Lauren Wattendorf (WECode Board)

WECode Co-Chair

Melody (WECode Board) Vang

WECode Co-Chair

Susan Dumais

Technical Fellow and Director of the Microsoft Research Labs

Jenny Juarez

Bloomberg Software Engineer

Anne Olmstead

University Recruiting Coordinator at IMC Trading

Xinchun Hu

Graduate Quant Trader at IMC Trading

Arquay Harris

Vice President of Engineering at Webflow

Brittany Davis

Backstage Capital

Erica Stanley

VP of Engineering at Google Play

Dariane Hunt

Design Director of Artificial Intelligence at Bank of America

Morgan Ramsey

UX Researcher at Compass

Saee Paliwal

Lead AI Scientist, BenevolentAI

Marianie Simeon

Field Engineer at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Pulkit Singh

Machine Learning Engineer at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Vicki Xu

President of Harvard Women in Computer Science

Anwaya Aras

Engineering Manager at Uber

Nanxi Liu

SWE at Robinhood


Product Lead, Amazon

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