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The Greentown Labs Climatetech Summit

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Trenton Allen

Managing Director and CEO of Sustainable Capital Advisors

Kristina Nilsson

Managing Director of J.P. Morgan, Technology Investment Banking

Chris Berry

Vice President, ESG Solutions of State Street

Kerry Bowie

Partner of MSAADA Partners

Adam Schrager

Storyteller at American Family Insurance's Institute for Corporate and Social Impact

Rev. Mariama White-Hammond

Founding Pastor of New Roots AME Church

Danielle Deane-Ryan

Sr. Advisor of Libra Foundation and the Donors of Color Network

Mayor Joe

Mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts

Darryl Willis

Vice President, Energy Industry of Microsoft

Kathleen Theoharides

Secretary of Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

Daniel Goldman

Co-founder + Managing Director of Clean Energy Venture Group

Elizabeth Turnbull Henry

President of Environmental League of Massachusetts

Amy Francetic

Founder and Managing Director of Buoyant Ventures

Dave Kirkpatrick

Managing Director + Co-founder of SJF Ventures

Lara Cottingham

Chief Sustainability Officer of City of Houston

Emily Reichert

CEO of Greentown Labs

Bunmi Adekore

Investor at Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Charlie Lord

Principal at Renew Energy Partners

Amy Duffuor

Principal at Prime Impact Fund

Julia Pyper

Host and Producer of Political Climate + Contributing Editor at Greentech Media

Nathaniel Stinnett

Founder & Executive Director at Environmental Voter Project

Marc Engel

Chief Supply Chain Officer at Unilever

Ryan Dings

Executive Vice President at Greentown Labs

Gina McCarthy

CEO of the Natural Resource Defense Council

Jessica Loya

Environmental DEJI (Diversity, Equity, Justice & Inclusion) Policy & Campaigns Strategist

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Hosted by

Greentown Labs

Greentown Labs—North America’s largest climatetech startup incubator—convenes startups, corporates, investors, and others to scale climate solutions.

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Planetary Hydrogen

Carbon negative hydrogen that heals the ocean.

Veloce Energy

Innovating technology and financing to reduce physical and financial barriers to EV Charging infrastructure deployment. Serving EV charging station developers and operators, and grid edge storage for solar and utility distribution systems. Inc

Upgrade any bike into an e-bike instantly with CLIP portable Plug&Play consumer device


Intelligent EV charging for a resilient grid


A Batteries-as-a-Service (BaaS) company for electric micromobility.

SEEDiA Sp. z o.o.

SEEDiA is a tech company that builds an intelligent infrastructure that allows to realistically optimize city services and reduce costs by up to 43%.


SparkCharge removes the barriers to electric vehicle adoption by making charging easy and convenient.

Blackburn Energy

Renewable Energy from the Mechanical World


Converting waste heat into electricity to reduce energy consumption, emissions, and operating costs.


Maxwellian offers the new generation of optical sensors and optical technology and data acquisition solutions to revolutionize the mobility industry as well as its monitoring infrastructures particularly in extreme and sensitive environments.

Ivys Energy Solutions

Enabling Clean Mobility


Air Quality Measurements at Scale


Polycarbin is an end-to-end resource management platform for the biomedical sciences that is circularizing this vital supply chain. We transform the scientific plastic waste of today into the laboratory products of tomorrow.

Heila Technologies

Low cost, low carbon, local energy is within our reach. The Heila Platform opens the energy ecosystem to innovation and community action, making it possible to grow renewable energy-based microgrids from the ground up.

Renu Energy Services Inc

Creating sustainable change. Our state of the art centers process more reusable material than the conventional recycling centers in the market today, allowing a wider range of materials and products to be produced back into the economy.

Next Rung Technology

Next Rung Technology provides engineering, execution, and consulting services to organizations commercializing sustainable technologies. We help engineer and deliver the worlds next sources of clean energy, clean water, food and materials.

Beacon Climate Innovations

Announcing Pub Power(TM) as another innovative tool that enable municipalities and businesses to more effectively and economically deploy equitable climate resilient energy projects.


Tagup uses artificial intelligence to make the machines that power the world safer, more reliable, and more efficient.

Open Ocean Robotics

Solar-powered self-driving boats making ocean data collection faster, easier and cheaper

Skylark Wireless LLC

Far more than 5G, Skylark is building the digital transport infrastructure for the rest of the world. Affordable. High-speed. Broadband.

Acoustic Wells, Inc.

A breakthrough, end-to-end IoT optimization solution to make assets smarter and cleaner for operators of all sizes


Overstory creates predictive vegetation intelligence for electric utilities. The Overstory vegetation management platform combines AI and satellite data to increase network reliability and to reduce O&M cost for transmission and distribution.

Raptor Maps Inc.

The Leading Solar Lifecycle Management Software.

Blue Sky Analytics

Using satellite data + AI to drive informed decisions on climate action and understand our changing environment

Kuva Systems

Methane monitoring with low cost cameras

Raise Green

The Marketplace for Local Impact Investing


Healthy & sustainable grocery shopping, simplified.

Boston Meats

Boston Meats makes meat using the building-blocks of life: proteins. Inspired by Nature, we make alternative meats with the right taste and texture, all at an affordable cost.

2S Water Inc.

Realtime metal sensors for aqueous solutions

Harmony Desal

Making desalination more affordable and sustainable

Ionic Solutions Ltd.

Ionic Solutions has developed an affordable, energy efficient method of desalinating any clean water source, from brackish underground water to sea water, for use by villages, municipalities, cities or anywhere that desalinated water is required.

Salient Predictions, Inc

We use new insights into the climate system, ocean data and machine learning to provide the best sub-seasonal, seasonal and long range weather predictions available to inform better decisions in agriculture, energy, insurance and emergency planning.


Altaeros provides an elevated vantage point to connect people, machines, and data.


Onvector sells tech for final destruction of PFAS "forever chemicals", disinfect wastewater, reduce treatment costs and strengthen compliance.

Phytoform Labs Inc

Unlocking the genetic potential of plants to make agriculture more sustainable and nutritious.


Adaviv's Crop-Care platform gives farmers digital eyes on every plant. The AI-driven solution enables early detection of crop issues and intervention at plant-level to drive consistently high yield performance and optimize the cultivation.

Promethean Power Systems

Promethean Power Systems has developed thermal energy storage based refrigeration systems for cold-storage and refrigerated transport. Our goal is to enable sustainable diesel-free cold chain for food and perishable items in India and worldwide.

COI Energy

Digital energy platform that detects, eliminates & monetizes energy waste in buildings to drive efficiency & optimize the electric grid.


Onboard is the easiest way to connect to building data.

Sensai Analytics

Scaling Enterprise AI


Ultra-efficient cooling systems


Capital Planning for the Carbon Revolution.

ADC Technologies Inc.

Making Data Centers Carbon Negative

EnergyX Solutions

Empowering utilities to streamline and automate their energy efficiency programs.

Corvus Robotics

Clean Energy UV Robots Keep Your Workplace Safe

Andluca Technologies

Improving human wellness and building energy efficiency through smarter glass

Varea Energy

Varea aims to help enable the world's transition to an energy efficient and sustainable future by rooting out inefficient waste, water, and energy systems to increase sustainability and decrease operational costs for commercial facilities.

AeroShield Materials Inc.

Super-insulating, transparent inserts for energy-efficient windows

Techstyle Materials

Techstyle Materials develops smart construction materials that can respond to the environment and increase a building's energy efficiency, durability, and air quality.


SaaS Engagement Platform for Workplace Sustainability

Medley Thermal LLC

Medley Thermal links clean, low-cost power to steam systems, enabling facilities to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

Stash Energy

Stash Energy develops heat pump and air-conditioning systems with built-in thermal energy storage.

Sparkplug Power, Inc.

Sparkplug Power Builds, Owns and Operates networks of Distributed Energy Storage as a Service for customers. Our customers are Municipal Utilities and Commercial Businesses. We maintain a Network of Storage to manage Peak Power Demand.

Littoral Power Systems, Inc.

In 2015, we set out to fundamentally change perceptions about hydropower, with an impactful and sensible approach to revitalizing it. Our innovative technologies significantly lower costs while protecting the environment.

Packetized Energy

Beyond DERMS: Grid Edge Flexibility, Simplified.


Building the future of a truly connected world through technology that empowers trust, transparency, security, and integrity.

Kanin Energy

We help heavy industry monetize their waste heat and decarbonize their operations.

T-Omega Wind

T-Omega Wind has a revolutionary new design for floating offshore wind turbines that enables scale manufacturing and installation at substantially lower cost than existing solutions.

Atrevida Science

Optimized blades for maximized production


Accelerating EV adoption through a connected EV world.


Revterra is developing a clean, scalable, and highly efficient kinetic energy storage system for grid-scale applications such as the storage of solar and wind energy.

CalWave Power Technologies Inc.

CalWaves mission is to unlock the vast and steady carbon-free power from ocean waves.

LineVision Inc

LineVision has built transmission line sensors using LiDAR technology that monitor lines in real time to increase the capacity, resilience and reliability of the grid. Our technology is key to bringing more renewable energy to the grid.

QD Solar Inc

Next generation solar cell technology based on advanced nano-materials.

PolyJoule, Inc.

High power, low-cost energy storage designed to strengthen the electricity grid.


ClearValue deploys zero-net-carbon, sustainable, renewable, and resilient electrical generation and transportation power systems via combustion of in situ, sunlight-powered, bio-chemically formed, pure hydrogen and oxygen.

Excipio Energy, Inc.

Excipio Energy has designed a floating platform that can host wind, wave, currents and OTEC simultaneously. We want people to think of Offshore Renewable Energy as a system, not a single device.

Quantum New Energy

Smart Energy Management to reduce energy cost and carbon emissions

Ennuity Holdings

A lifetime of clean energy.

Power For Humanity, Inc.

Power For Humanity, Inc. is replacing traditional batteries in small electronic devices with a new clean energy technology that generates endless power using humidity in the ambient air.

Eclipse Solar Projects

Eclipse Solar Projects finances, develops, owns, and operates utility-scale solar projects in North America through newly developed technology and potential battery storage operations.

Pecos Wind Power

Pecos Wind Power leverages MW-scale wind turbine design techniques to design and manufacture the worlds most cost-effective kW-scale distributed wind turbine.

Black Mountain

Black Mountain Metals is a global battery metals mining company, specifically focused on sustainable nickel and copper mining for lithium-ion battery cathodes.

REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies

REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies (RTT) is developing a revolutionary, carbon-free power generation solution that solves pain points for remote, upstream oil & gas applications.

Solchroma Technologies, Inc.

The worlds most vivid, reflective digital displays for Smart Cities

Vespr Solar

The universal solution for securing solar panels. Tough. Fast. Simple. Recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy as a top 10 innovation in solar for 2020, the VesprSolar V-Clamp makes installing a solar panel as easy as changing a light bulb.

NewGrid, Inc

Reduce transmission congestion with software by rerouting power flows

Smart Resource Labs

Data made Easy - Solving to Earth to Cloud Problem

Sistine Solar

Say hello to solar as a branding medium


Solar advisors powered by the largest tech-enabled marketplace of solar energy vendors in the U.S.

Singularity Energy, Inc.

AI-Powered Infrastructure to Meet Ambitious Carbon Targets

American Battery Technology Company

Lithium-ion battery recycling and low-impact primary battery metal extractions


Blockchain transparency for industrial supply chains

Project LeafPack

Replacing single-use plastics

FLITE Material Sciences

FLITE Material Sciences makes everyday materials extraordinary. Our technique protects everything from rust, ice or fouling using clean lasers instead of toxic coatings.

Ionomr Innovations Inc.

Advanced ion-exchange materials enabling the hydrogen economy.


Sunthetics brings electrification to the chemical industry.

Polystyvert Inc.

Technology providing virgin-like recycled polystyrene to the plastic industry via a dissolution process.

Applied Bioplastics

We enable manufacturers to materially and affordably reduce their CO2 footprint.


Revolutionizing the way next generation smart clothing feel and perform.


Ruggedized sUAS platform able to perform in offshore environments. Capable of industry leading speeds, flight duration, and precision maneuverability.

Alloy Enterprises

Redefining manufacturing for aluminum parts


Ultrasonic IoT steam trap monitoring for industrial efficiency

Via Separations

Molecular filtration for industrial processes

Folia Materials

Folia: a safer, cleaner, and healthier world. Silver/copper coatings for paper to make anti-viral / anti-bacterial products, no CapEx.

Axiom Optics

Axiom Optics is a North American distributor of scientific cameras, laser beam characterization and monitoring solutions. We support academic, industrial and government projects with the latest technology in the market.

UMass Lowell

UMass Lowells energy and cleantech research expertise provides innovative, cost-effective opportunities to expand a companys R&D efforts and develop solutions to real-world climate and energy challenges.


Enel is a multinational power company and a leading integrated player in the global renewable, power and gas markets. Today, Enel is the world major private producer of renewable energy.

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