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Great British Business Festival 2021

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David Horne

"How to Scale Your Business"

Warren Knight

"How to Create Your Personal Brand Identity"

James Wallman

"The Hero's Journey"

Minter Dial

"Bouncing Back With Motivated Employees Post Pandemic"

Felix Velarde

"How To Lead Your Companies Charge Into The New Future"

Katz Kiely

"Imaginal Leadership"

Patrick Powers

"The Secrets To A Cult-Like Followng"

Allyson Stewart-Allen

"How To Build A Customer-Centric Business"

Russel Beck

"Connection In A Disconnected World"

Robert Craven

"Thriving Agency Businesses – What To Do & Why"

Amelia Kallman

"New Trends & Technologies In A Post-Covid World"

Marcus Kirsch

"Why Approach Every Problem Like Covid?"

Vanessa Ugatti

"How To Charge What You're Worth & Get It"

Dr. Pippa Malmgren

"The Infinate Leader: Balancing The Demands Of Modern Day Leadership"

Uyen Vo

"Understanding Others To Get Ahead"

Tony Fish

"What Happens When Your Foundations Change?"

Katherine Baker

"Rethinking What We Can Control To Empower Our Futures"

Eric Partaker

"Become A Peak Performer With IPA: Identity, Productivity & Anti-Fragility

Andy Clayton

"How To Spend More Time Doing What You Love"

Alastair Dryberg

"This Is Not A Recession"

Andy Lopata

“When Someone Asks ‘How Are you?’ Your Reply Will Never Be The Same Again”

Rob Kerr

"How To Plan & Launch Your Own Business That Works For You”

Penny Fergerson

"Leadership – Is It About You Or Others?"

David Gluckman

“Creative Cojones. How Large Corporations Can Operate Like Agile Start-Ups. Because We Did.”

Dr. Maggie Irving

“Funny Business”

Quentin Millington

“How To Thrive In A Future That Will Always Be Uncertain”

Chris Harding

“The Business Builder’s Guide to Creating Impact & Momentum”

Dene Stuart

"A Thinking Revolution Can Solve Your Problem"

John Stapleton

“Turning Uncertainty Into Competitive Advantage”

Julia Muir

“How To Build A Gender-Balanced Business. It’s Time For Deeds Not Words”

Denis Oakley

Philip Levinson

“Three Peaks Leadership: How To Make It As A CEO”

Alpesh Patel OBE

"Who's Making Money In The Stockmarket?"

Andrew Ellis

"Welcome to the GBBF"

Andrew Gerrard

"How To Get Pitch Ready"

Stephen Karbaron

Peter Hyson

Hilary Rowland

Minter Dial

"How Being Yourself Makes You A Better Leader"

Tracy Douthwaite

Compassionate Leaders

Shona Hirons

Mindset in Motion

Croz Crossley

Mindset Master

Richard Forshaw Smith

From lockdown likes to long term loves

Mitali Deypurkaystha

Bestselling author and business book coach

Gary Jones


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Amelia Kallman (pre-recorded session)

“New Trends & Technologies in a Post-Covid Age”

Robert Craven (pre-recorded session)

“Thriving Agency Businesses in Q4, 2020 – What to do and why!”

Marcus Kirsch (pre-recorded session)

"Wicked: Why approach every problem like COVID?"

Vanessa Ugatti (pre-recorded session)

"How To Charge What You’re Worth and Get It"

Dr. Pippa Malmgren (pre-recorded session)

"The Infinite Leader"

Uyen Vo (pre-recorded session)

"Understanding Others to Get Ahead"

Tony Fish (pre-recorded session)

"What happens when your foundations change?"

Katherine Baker (pre-recorded session)

"Rethinking what we can control to empower our futures"

Eric Partaker (pre-recorded session)

“Become a Peak Performer With Identity, Productivity & Anti-Fragility”

David B. Horne (pre-recorded session)

“How Small Businesses Can Achieve Exponential Growth"

James Wallman (pre-recorded session)

“The Hero’s Journey”

Warren Knight (pre-recorded session)

"How to Create Your Personal Brand Identity"

Minter Dial (pre-recorded session)

“Bouncing Back With Motivated Employees Post Pandemic”

Felix Velarde (pre-recorded session)

“How to Lead Your Company’s Charge Into the New Future”

Katz Kiely (pre-recorded session)

“Imaginal Leadership”

Patrick M. Powers (pre-recorded session)

"The Secrets To A Cult-like Following”

Allyson Stewart-Allen (pre-recorded session)

"How to Build a Customer-Centric Business"

Russell Beck (pre-recorded session)

“Connection in a Disconnected World”

Andy Clayton (pre-recorded session)

"How to spend more time doing what you love."

Andy Lopata (pre-recorded session)

“When somebody asks ‘How are you?’ Your reply will never be the same again”

Alastair Dryburgh (pre-recorded session)

"This is not a recession"

Rob Kerr (pre-recorded session)

"Empowering you to launch and build an amazing business"

Minter Dial (pre-recorded session)

"How Being Yourself Makes You A Better Leader"

Penny Ferguson (pre-recorded session)

"Leadership, is it about you or others?"

David Gluckman (pre-recorded session)

"Corporate Cojones. How large corporations can innovate like agile start-ups"

Dr Maggie Irving (pre-recorded session)

"Funny Business"

Quentin Millington (pre-recorded session)

“How to thrive in a future that will always be uncertain”

Chris Harding (pre-recorded session)

“The Business Builder’s Guide to Creating Impact & Momentum”

Dene Stuart (pre-recorded session)

“A Thinking Revolution Can Solve Your Problem”

John Stapleton (pre-recorded session)

“Turning Uncertainty into Competitive Advantage”

Stephen Karbaron (pre-recorded session)

"Goal Mapping"

Julia Muir (pre-recorded session)

“How To Build a Gender-Balanced Business. It’s Time for Deeds Not Words”

Denis Oakley (pre-recorded session)

“How Small Businesses Can See Things Differently & Change the World”