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Grass-roots Nuclear Advocates and Activists

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Sean Wagner

Alberta Nuclear Nucleus

Meredith Angwin

Nuclear Advocacy Author

Eric Meyer

Founder and Executive Director, Generation Atomic

Myrto Tripathi

Founder and Chair, Voices of Nuclear

Neil Alexander


Ross Holden


Carl Wurtz

Californians for Nuclear Energy

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Thought Collective

Complex Thinking for Complicated Times

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Terrestrial Energy

leading the World to a Bright Energy Future

Nuclear Waste Management Oranization

Our priority is protecting people and the environment

Generation Atomic

Energizing and empowering today’s generations to advocate for a nuclear future

Voices of Nuclear

Go clean, go nuclear!

Californians for Green Nuclear Power

Low cost, carbon-free energy for American business and citizens

Alberta Nuclear Nucleus

A starting point for the important issues ahead

Meredith Angwin

Author of "Campaigning for Clean Air: Strategies for Nuclear Energy"