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Grand Rising 2021 Summer Solstice Summit

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Proudly supported by

GRising Presenters

Oludare Bernard

Kiire Wellness

Irijah Stennett

YogaSkills Kemetic Yoga

Tioma Allison

Midwife, Homeopath, Herbswoman

Kendall Johnson-Smith

Align-Meant Wellness Services

Asantewaa Gail Harris

Community Vision Council/Sisters Health & Wellness Collective

Tamara Akua Hunter

Womb Wisdom Wellness LLC

Aliyah Kamala

Ready Set Glow Up

Shawne Lee

BE368 Enterprise

Simone Arthur

Readings By Simone

Nyaima Smith-Taylor

Art & Alchemy and Alchemy Influenced

Leeann Rizk

Sexual Health Educator, Trainer and Advocate

Makeda Abraham

Prep I Pray I Prosper

Tracy Gray

Sankofa Global Project

Shawnee Benton-Gibson

Spirit of a Woman, LLC

Tunu Thom

Art Mommy Inc.

Vena Ruby Crichlow

Ifetayo Artwear

Myra Safiya Jacobs

Andrea Cleveland, D.Ms

Tru Transformation Coaching LLC

Regine Roy

Queen Geniuses Inc.

Kayla Oosaseun Jewette, M.S., LCAT, BC-DMT

White Water Heals

Robyne Walker Murphy

Cultural, Social Justice Leader

Iyanifa Shelby Olatutu Iwalewa Banks

Campbell & Carr

Baba Ifayinka Carl Fanfair

Ile Osa Kanran Yoruba Cultural & Spiritual Temple

Sh8peshifter Zakiya Harris

Sh8pe Shift Your Life

Iyanifa Ifasade Ifaloba Oyaniiyun Olatutu Ajeoyin Adona

Temple of Wind

Kimberly Simms

The Pleasured Mom LLC

Kendra Ross

Dancer, Educator and Community Organizer

Somaliah Williams


Jamie J. Philbert

Art on Purpose

Zakiya Huntley

Wellness To Oneness

Tamika Albertini

Sound Color Healing Temple

Khadijah Tudor

The Khadijah Hands Project

Iya Omi Dina Desiree Brittingham

Imani Arts

Nana Kofi Osei Ababio

Banafo Bosumfie II

Chief Sekou Alaje

Ile Ogundase/Ile Osunfikayo/ 256 Healing Arts

Elisha Conover-Arthurs

Mystic Seed

Baba Jiwe Dillard

Musician, Artist & Herbalist

Sahuspete Kokayi

Transformational Life Coach, Musician, Artist

Iyanifa Omo Osun Ifadayo Oladerinjo Efeya Makala Sampson

Road To Ose Tura

Renee K. Smith

Executive Curator - GRising 2021 - Founder of Akika Flower Essences & Apothecary

Cynthia Paniagua

Dancer, Choreographer, Educator

Naima Oyo

Executive Director - Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy

Dr. Ayoka Wiles

Strategist, Non Profit Leader

Kwayera Archer

Chief Vision Officer- Global Ase Consulting, LLC

Sista Zaraya

Sista, Spoken Word Artist, Artist & Director of Watoto Entertainment

PaTea L. Caines, MPA, HHC, CKYT-200 “The Bush Queen”

EthniciTea Herbals NYC, Inc

Olatunji Ojore


Thandi Young

Yeye's Magical Indigo

Cheikh Gueye


Funmilayo Chesney

Fusha Dance

Tamara Fakemi Mosebolatan

Moving Spirits Inc.

Chiriqui Cooper

Fluid Life Global Wellcare

Chief Ayanda Clarke

The Fadara Group

Nana Akosua Nyo

Sacred Spaces by Nyo

Rachel-Selah Young


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Grand Rising Summer Solstice Summit 2023

A global virtual celebration of our collective healing, resilience and awakening! Wednesday, June 21, 2023 5AM-5PM Follow us on IG & Facebook @grising23 for all things summit.

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Akika Flower Essences & Apothecary

The Earth is an ancestor, we have so much to learn from it...

Kola 256

"He who has kola, has life." - Chinua Achebe

256 Healing Arts

"Our health is our wealth"

Owa Afrikan Market

The name “Owa” means “home” in the Edo Language.

Yeye’s Magical Indigo

Children’s Book & Merchandise

LaRetta’s Gift™️

All natural body and hair products designed with LOVE!

Amma McKen + Family

McKen Arts & Culture Collective

Elisha Conover-Arthurs

Mysticseed online Kundalini yoga

Maria J Hackett Photography

Photography. Prints. Tshirts.

Total Life Changes (TLC)

Health and Wellness

White Water Healing

Healing through Community, Culture & Creativity

Praise Products

Praises Products - All Natural Herbal Hair & Skincare Products

House of Chi Wellness

Celebrates your audacity to be the Creator of Your Life!

Prep | Pray | Prosper

A safe space created for mothers & mothers-to-be who want to build share & grow


Art on the Stoop.

Womb Wisdom Wellness LLC

Specializing in supporting women navigating infertility, pregnancy, loss and postpartum challenges, by empowering them to prioritize their emotional wellness.

Shawne' Lee of Friends of Abolitionist Place

Shawne' Lee of Friends of Abolitionist Place

Sisters Health & Wellness Collective

Pay Attention, Be Prepared & Stay Safe!

Moving Spirits, Inc.

A contemporary arts organization dedicated to performing, researching, documenting, cultivating, and producing arts of the African diaspora. Africanistic aesthetics heavily influences our company's repertory.


CHANGE the LABEL and see the ABLE

Sacred Ashes

Candles, bath/body, smudging products


Center for African and Diaspora Dance

Planned Parenthood of Greater New York

A leading provider of sexual and reproductive health services and information.


Intertwining Music, Culture and Spirituality

256 Films

This exclusive workshop series allows the viewer to explore and deepen their connection with Yoruba culture through the practice of Ifa and Orisa worship.

Integrated Wealth Alliance (IWA)

The Integrated Wealth Alliance (IWA), founded by Chief Ayanda Clarke, is new initiative that presents to the community a variety of practitioners and specialists who have shared values and similar outlooks on how we heal collectively.

Adade Kofi

A healthy mind and body is home to a healthy spirit.

Asase Yaa Cultural Arts Foundation

Asase Yaa Cultural Arts Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to fulfill our core tenets to Enrich, Educate, Entertain and promote the importance of cultural performing arts to youth and adults in our community.

Cynthia Paniagua

Cynthia Paniagua is a dancer, choreographer, and educator whose work reflects her Peruvian and New Yorker heritage.

EthniciTea Herbals NYC

EthniciTea Herbals NYC, Inc. offers holistic herbal consultations, holistic health coaching and high quality herbal blends ​to support your wellness and elevated living.

Campbell & Carr

New York Born, Georgia Roots, African DNA

Ile Osa Kanran

Ile Osa Kanran Yoruba Cultural & Spiritual Temple

Ifetayo Art Wear

Global inspired and crystal jewelry created with your spirit in mind