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Joey Womack

Founder, Goodie Nation

Justin Dawkins

Managing Partner, Collab Capital

Sarah Rodehorst

CEO, Onwards HR

Jeffrey Osuji

Co-Founder, Eventnoire

Devshi Mehrotra

Co-Founder, JusticeText

Mbiyimoh Ghogomu

Co-Founder, Tradeblock

Mitali Chakraborty

Founder, Youth Jobs Connect

Brandon Winfield

Founder, iAccess Innovations

Ashlee Ammons

President, Mixtroz

Courtney Caldwell

Co-Founder, Shearshare

Tracey Palmer

Founder-In-Residence, Goodie Nation

Kristina Williams

Founder, Unpacking

Bethaney Wilkinson

Portfolio Manager, Good Nation

Darren Buckner

Co-Founder, Workfrom

Mandy Price

Co-Founder, Kanarys

Yamillet Payano

Co-Founder, Sign-Speak

Chisa Egbelu

Co-Founder, PeduL

Ofo Ezeugwu

Founder, WhoseYourLandlord

Tiffanie Stanard

Founder, Stimulus

Manoj Janna

Co-Founder, Ramped

Daryl Holman Jr.

Founder, Revival

Philip Hickman

Founder, Plabook

Roger Roman

Co-Founder, Afriblocks

Ayinde Alakoye

Founder, nedl

Chloe Sledd

Co-Founder, CommunityX

Antoine Woods

Tech-Enabled Small Business Director, Goodie Nation

Jonathan Bragdon

CEO and Founding Partner, Capacity

Ron J Williams

SVP & Head of Program Strategy, Citi Ventures

Lexie Newhouse

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program Manager, Invest Atlanta

Paris Proctor

COO, Goodie Nation

Kathleen Kurre

Portfolio Manager, Good Nation

Kate Atwood

Co-Founder, Loco Plus

Harold Hughes

Founder, Bandwagon

Floyd Hall

Emory U. Science Gallery

Dennis Call

Co-Founder, Zirtue

Gigi McDowell

Founder, Fetefully

Nathan Jones

Board Member, Village Micro Fund

Derrick Miles

Founder, CourMed

Don Ward

Founder, Laundris

Naya Powell

Founder, Utopia Spa & Global Wellness

Rianna Lynn

Founder, Journey Foods

Candice Blacknall

Founder, GABA

Donald T. Boone

Founder, BoxedUp

John York

Founder, SpokeHub

Bobby Gilbert

Co-Founder, FundStory

Melissa Brodgon

Co-Founder, Fourth Party

Maya Watson

Head of Global Marketing, Clubhouse

Marsha Murray

Director, City of Houston Office of Business Opportunity

Dazayah Walker

Operations Manager, Quality Control Music

Katie Mullins

Interim CMO, Goodie Nation

Nedra Dickson

Managing Director, Global Supplier Inclusion & Sustainability Lead, Accenture

Edna Martinson

Co-Founder, Boddle Learning

Victoria Bujny

Startup Partner Manager, Google

Tony Wilkins

Investor, Standing Oak Partners

Chantel Cohen

Owner, CWC Coaching & Therapy

Luis Emilio Suarez

Founder, Sanarai

Ash Nash

Founder, Power Haus Creative

Rudy Ellis

CEO, Switchboard Live

Renee King

Founder, fundBlackfounders

Mike Jordan

Editor In Chief, Butter.ATL

Will Lucas

Brand Manager, AfroTech

Erika Smith

Community Engagement Manager, Microsoft

Adeleke Omitowoju

Managing Director, BVCC Fund

Hadeel Al-Tashi

Senior Specialist, SHRM Workplace Innovation Lab & Venture Capital

Paul Lockett

Graduating Senior, Morehouse College

Maija Ehlinger

Editor In Chief, Hypepotamus

Brad MacAfee

Founder, Mission + Cause

Julius Bryant

Co-Founder, Jax Rideshare Rentals

Ruthe Farmer

Founder, Last Mile Education Fund

April Christina Curley

Engagement and Partnerships Manager, Last Mile Education Fund

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Goodie Nation is a national entrepreneurship support non-profit for tech-focused social entrepreneurs and diverse founders.

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