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Gaia's Essence 12th Annual Women's Wellness Conference

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Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison

Environmental Scientist / Founder of Gaia's Essence

Dr. Shana D. Lewis

Keynote Speaker

Sherry D Fields

Premiere Speaker

Maria Gavriel

Business Speaker

Linda J. Williams


Orlandina Balan

Wholistic Lifestyle Coach

Dr. Corallane Griffith-Hunte

Human, Industrial & Trauma Psychologist

Angela Lowe

Vegan Chef

Zazel O’Garra

Artistic Director / Disability Advocate

Paulina Lopez

Co-Host / Founder Biz of We

Soh Young Lee-Segredo

Korean Chef / Multi-faceted Artist (Korea Sing winner 2007) / IB PYP Coach

Jessa Calderon

Artist / Indigenouz Gemz

Dona Dovie

Dance Facilitator

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Hosted by

Gaia's Essence

Gaia's Essence Healthy Lifestyles for Women. Women's Wellness Conference | Women's Magazine | Our Voice Our Stories | Network

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Gaia's Essence

Healthy Lifestyles for Women

Dr. Shana D. Lewis

The cup is for you. The saucer is for them.

Natural Radiant Life

Nutrition for Your Skin


Clay Designs by Bebe Federmann


Feed Your Daily Adventures

Etiquette & Writing Consultancy

Do something kind and don’t tell anyone about it!

Dr. Coralanne Griffith-Hunte, PsyD, C.C.T.S.F

Created for Greatness Leadership Group


Hand-Crafted | All Natural | Hair & Products

Business of WE

The Business of Women Entrepreneurs


Yoga & Creativity Inspired by Animals

Adora Blue

Children's brand specialized in designing toys that will engage kids in creative play.

Beast Mamas Podcast

Connecting women from around the world who are just phenomenal at what they do.

The Fitter Woman

Motivating the Mind, Body and Spirit through movement.

Maria Gavriel

Be the Woman You Were Meant to Be

ZCO Dance Project

To encourage the integration and inclusion of people with disabilities in dance and in society.

Jessa Calderon

Singer, Song Writer, Author and Poet

Multicultural Council of New York

To Promote the Arts in our Communities

Dona Dovie

Dance Facilitator

Aquene Springs

Silica-rich, deuterium-depleted geothermal molecular H2O for a long and healthy life.