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Kirrian Steer

NSW Health

Jonathan Duckworth

Associate Professor, School of Design, RMIT

Tom Chandler

Senior Lecturer - Monash University

Shane Bailey

Head of Gaming and Streaming - Cure Cancer

Solange Glasser

Lecturer in Music (Music Psychology) - University of Melbourne

Melissa Tsafkas

Senior Manager Governance and Performance - NBN Co

Tammie Jean Schrader

Science/Computer Science Coordinator - NE Washington Education Service District 101

Bron Stuckey

Director - Innovative Educational Ideas

Lucy Amelia Sparrow

Research Fellow - University of Melbourne

Jane Mavoa

Research Fellow - The Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child (University of Melbourne)

Malcolm Ryan

Senior Lecturer - Macquarie University

Nihal Noor

Hybrid Network Engineer - NBN Co

Omi Koulas

Community and Editor - Checkpoint Gaming

Chloe Elizabeth Appleby

Assistant Curator - Powerhouse Museum

Emma Therese Ramsay

Co-founder - 10Tickles and True Crime Games

Marianne Malmstrom

Digital Design Teacher - Newlands Intermediate NZ

Andy Yik San Yong

Co-founder - 10Tickles and True Crime Games

Nico King

Executive Creative Director - Chaos Theory Games

Viktor Arity

Academic - RMIT University / Board Member - G4C APAC

Ben Loveridge

Immersive Coordinator (VR/AR) - University of Melbourne

Jini Maxwell

Curator - ACMI

Michaela Ternasky-Holland

Head of XR - Games for Change

Matthew Harrison

Senior lecturer - University of Melbourne

Jess Rowlings

Next Level Collaboration/University of Melbourne

Cherida Longley

Education Program Manager - Rail Projects Victoria

Steven Dupon

Executive Director - Institute of games

Susanna Pollack

President - Games for Change

Arana Shapiro

Managing Director & Chief Learning Officer - Games for Change

Saqina Latif

Managing Director - Persona Theory Games

Stephanie Kee

Project Manager - Games Bagus

Garth Midgley

Managing Director - GOATi Entertainment

Frederick Hardtke

Executive Board Member, Macquarie University - Centre for Ancient Cultures, Heritage and Environment (CACHE)

Akash Suri

Public Diplomacy Officer - US Embassy Kuala Lumpur

Patrick Sukawiratmo

Livestream Fundraising & Virtual Merchandise Coordinator - WWF Australia

Arief Johan

Content Creator

Ben Abraham

Founder - AfterClimate

Jun Shen Chia

Xbox Global Expansion Incubator Manager - Microsoft

Vincent Trundle

Senior Producer, School Programs - ACMI

Gail Kenning

Research fellow - UNSW, fEEL, BARC

Nyasha Mbaya

Lead Software Engineer - Real Response

Hung The Nguyen

Lead Gp - Bunurong Health Service

Liam McGuire

Director, Design Lead - Opaque Media

Lisa Skaife

Founder/CEO - Driveschool Enterprises Pty Ltd

Jennifer Ganske

National Arts and Tourism Executive Manager - NBN Co

Kate Barnard

Science Programs Manager - Museums Victoria

Suan Goh

Co-founder - CTRL-D Studio

Anurati Srivastva

Founder at PEDAL Studio

Parastou Manteghi

Cultural Researcher and Member at ICOM Iran

Jason Christou


Reza Habibi

PhD Student/ Research Assistant at University of California Santa Cruz

Logan Timmins

Director and Game Designer at Amble Studio

Laura Nova


Claudia Leong

Co-founder, Director, Nutritionist at Nutriblocks Limited

Teddy Florea

Founder at EcoManka

Brian Fairbanks

Developer at Daisy Ale Soundworks

Eline Charles

Chief Process Officer at EcoManka

Kristine Diekman

Professor, Art/Media/Design, California State University, San Marcos

Hailey Cooperrider

Director at Amble Studio

Vince Siu

Founder and CEO - Press Start Academy

Seb Chan

Director & CEO - ACMI

Sandeep Athavale

Principle Scientist at TCS research

Manisha Mohan

Director - Design & Delivery, India and APAC at Emeritus

Zahra Rizvi

PhD Scholar at Jamia Millia Islamia

Bharath Palavalli

Co-Founder at Fields of View

Mala Sen

Art Director at Niku Games

Makoto Goto

Founder / Chief Executive Officer at Game for IT, Inc.

Erinn Budd

XR for Change Production Manager at Games for Change

Ling Mei Cong

Deputy Dean, Learning & Teaching, School of Business and Law, RMIT University

Gillian Morrison

PhD candidate Game-based Learning, Swinburne University of Technology

Stefan Schutt

Senior Lecturer at La Trobe University

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Games for Change Asia-Pacific

A festival to foster the development and use of games and interactive technologies that make the world a better place.

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