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Makoto Goto

President - Game 4 IT

Matthew Harrison

Senior lecturer - University of Melbourne

Ger Post

Learning designer - University of Melbourne

Natasha Dwyer

Senior Lecturer - Victoria University

Ben O'Mara

Adjunct Research Fellow; Information Resources Manager - Swinburne University

Amal Abdulrahman

PhD Candidate - Macquarie University

Susie Emery

Lecturer: Game Design and Digital Media - University of South Australia

Parastou Manteghi

Cultural Activist and Game Researcher

Patrea Andersen

Prof/ Academic Leader for Centre of Health and Social Practice - Waikato Institute of Technology

Garry Putalnd

Vice president, Global Sales - GigXR

Vincent Tijms

Programme Coordinator - University of Amsterdam

Anurati Srivastva

Associate Project Officer - MGIEP UNESCO

Vignesh Mukund

Designer, Games for Learning - MGIEP UNESCO

Nandini Chatterjee Singh

Head, Rethinking Learning - MGIEP UNESCO

Cameron Bennett

Sports Officer - Murdoch University

Theodor Kipen

Lead Designer - Not Dead Design

Kathleen Smart

Producer - Joy Everafter Stories

Morgan Humphreys

Esports Coordinator - Murdoch University

Michaela Ternasky-Holland

Producer & Co-Creator - Lutaw

Vincent Trundle

Senior Education Producer - ACMI

Ben Loveridge

Coordinator, Immersive Media(AR/VR) - University of Melbourne

Jane Cocks

Senior Researcher / Academic Tutor / Mental Health Clinician / Design Consultant

Lyndsey Collins-Praino

Acting Head, Discipline of Anatomy and Pathology - School of Biomedicine, The University of Adelaide

Ralf Muhlberger

CEO - Ardacious

Stephanie Peters

Director - Stargazed Productions

Troy Rainbow

Director - Stargazed Productions

Kirrian Steer

Executive Director - Simghosts

Megan Pusey

PhD Candidate - Murdoch University

Malcolm Ryan

Senior Lecturer - Macquarie University

Lee Meyer

AI Engineer

Chris Lillico

PhD Research & Sessional Academic - Victoria University

Valerie Yu

Doctoral Student - NTU Singapore

Vivian Hsueh Hua Chen

Associate Professor - NTU Singapore

Steve Dee

President - Tin Star Games

Daniel Mansfield

Lecturer - University of NSW

Michael Tomkins

Art Director - Institute of Games

Milan Votrubec

Lead Developer - Institute of Games

Claudia Leong

Lecturer/Tutor - Ara Institute of Canterbury

Ailsa Gilliam

CEO - Sherohub

Shreeya Nelekar

Student - BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus

Matt Cabanag

Associate Lecturer / XR Application Developer - University of NSW

Saqina Latif

Managing Director - Persona Theory Games

Suan Goh

Co-founder - CtrlD Studio

Steven Dupon

Founding Director - Institute of Games

Nikolche Vasilevski

PhD Researcher - Bond University

Mitchell McEwan

Lecturer in Computer Games - Macquarie University

Cathy Robinson

Principal Research Scientist - CSIRO

James Birt

Associate Professor - Bond University

Harry Kaloyirou

Program Manager & Producer - Two Bulls

Justin Perry

Research Manager - NAILSMA

Karen Miller

Learning Coordinator - Curtin University

Rebecca Kerr

Master of Arts student - Curtin University

Melissa Sinclair

General Manager - Partnerships & Impacts - APN Cape York

Mike Gregory

Program Coordinator - Queensland Department of Environment and Science

Ruby Biezen

Research Fellow - University of Melbourne

Paul Formosa

A/Prof in Philosophy - Macquarie University

Deborah Richards

Professor - Macquarie University

Heng Zhang

PhD Student - NTU Singapore

Robert Swart

Consultant Anaesthetist - Fiona Stanley and Fremantle Hospital Group

Lise Leitner

Marketing and Community Manager - 15 Minutes Of Game

Charlie Kenihan

Creative Director - 15 Minutes Of Game

Maziah Mat Rosly

Medical Lecturer - Universiti Malaya

Margaret Osborne

Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Music (Performance Science) - University of Melbourne

Azadeh Feizpour

Chief Scientist - Tali Health

Simone Gindidis

Clinical Lead - Tali Health

Alexander Swords

Interactive Narrative Specialist

Solange Glasser

Lecturer in Music (Music Psychology) - University of Melbourne

Greg Gianns

Educator & Media Artist

Rudy Carpio

PhD student - Bond University

Dan Epstein

Physician, PhD student - Monash University

Nancy An

PhD Candidate - RMIT

David Hobbs

Senior Lecturer in Rehabilitation Engineering - Flinders University

Hsiao Wei Chen

PhD Candidate - RMIT

Kathleen Yin

Research Fellow - Macquarie University

Nico King

Executive Creative Director - Chaos Theory Games

Christian Moro

Associate Professor - Bond University

William Pamment

Co-Founder - Dymaxion

Bron Stuckey

Director - Innovative Educational Ideas

Jonathan Duckworth

Associate Professor - RMIT

Jessica Rowlings

Researcher - University of Melbourne

Elyssebeth Leigh

Academic - UTS

Cuauh Moreno

Chief Technology Officer - Sound Scouts

Carolyn Mee

CEO - Sound Scouts

Noah Falstein

President - The Inspiracy

Brett Leavy

Creative Director - Bilbie Pty Ltd

Stefan Schutt

Co-founder - The Lab

Danny Pearson MP

Minister for Creative Industries

Susanna Pollack

President - Games for Change Asia-Pacific

Raul Carvajal

Production Manager - Games for Change

Lisa Skaife

Founder/CEO - Driveschool Enterprises Pty Ltd

Leah Callon-Butler

Director - Emfarsis

Gilson Schwartz

President - Games for Change Latin America

Simon McCallum

Senior Lecturer - Victoria University of Wellington

Lynne Telfer

Curriculum Coordinator - Wyndham Tech School

Jonathan Kolieb

Senior Lecturer in Law - RMIT University

Fauve Kurnadi

Legal Adviser - International Humanitarian Law - Australian Red Cross

Hailey Cooperrider

Director - Amble Studio

Kiri Bear

Director - Amble Studio

Bec Dahl

Director - Amble Studio

Jason Tampake

Director - Amble Studio

Logan Timmins

Director - Amble Studio

Cat Kutay

Lecturer - Charles Darwin University

Grant Pusey

Science Teacher & STEM Coordinator - Churchlands Senior High School

Gillian Morrison

Sessional Tutor - Swinburne University of Technology

Daniel Teitelbaum

Production Manager - Games for Change

Jeffrey Brand

Professor - Bond University

Matthew Mac Partlin

Critical Care Physician - Wollongong Hospital

Gillian Vesty

Associate Professor/Deputy Dean - RMIT

Steven Harvey

Kirsten Harley

Honorary Lecturer

Anantha Duraiappah


Calvin Ho

Sound Designer - Hello Universe

Vince Siu

Founder and CEO - Press Start Academy

Seb Chan

Chief Experience Officer - ACMI

Emma Ramsay


Andy Young


Beverley Sutton

CEO - Health Education Australia Ltd

Dale Linegar (he/him)

Director - Games for Change Asia-Pacific

Renzo Mori Jr

Senior Advisor - RMIT

Matt Healey

Director - First Person Consulting

Glenn Gillis (he/him)

Director - Games for Change Africa

Viktor Arity

Board member - Games for Change Asia-Pacific

Andrew Mansfield

Community Engagement - NBN Co

Hùng Thế Nguyễn


Albie Brooks

Professor - University of Melbourne

Katrina Sedgwick


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Games for Change Asia-Pacific

A festival to foster the development and use of games and interactive technologies that make the world a better place.

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