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Claudia Tattanelli

Future Talent Council

Daniel Kjellsson

Future Talent Council

Heidi Robertson

Group Head of Diversity & Inclusion, ABB

Kevin Hannigan

Head of Talent Consulting, HPC

Daniel Pasco Aguilar

Founding Director, Center for Social Justice & Chief Diversity Officer, Excelsior University

Debra Liebowitz

Provost, Quinnipiac University

Nicole Haris

Global HR Director, Pharmaceutical Technology & Development, AstraZeneca

Jessica Lopez

Disability Inclusion Leader, Advocate and Consultant

Grantley Morgan

Future of Work Research Lead, EY

Tamika Otis

Corporate Responsibility & Community Relations Officer, KeyBank

Christine Cruzvergara

Chief Education Strategy Officer, Handshake

Jin Paik

Harvard researcher, former Head of the Digital, Data and Design Institute, Harvard University

Farouk Dey

Vice-Provost, Johns Hopkins University

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Future Talent Council