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Future Flying Forum

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Linnea Ahlgren

Lead Sustainability Journalist, Simple Flying

Felix Antelo

President and CEO, Viva Air

Joanna Bailey

Editor, Simple Flying

Evert de Boer

Managing Director, On Point Loyalty

Tom Boon

Content Manager, Simple Flying

José Ricardo Botelho

Executive Director and CEO, Latin American & Caribbean Air Transport Association

Martin Gauss

President and CEO, airBaltic

Andrew Geer

Chief Engineer and Head of Programme - UltraFan, Rolls-Royce

Tewolde Gebremariam

Group CEO, Ethiopian Airlines

Jon Howell

CEO & Founder, AviaDev

Birgir Jonsson


Gaurav Joshi

Journalist, Simple Flying

Vinod Kannan

Chief Commercial Officer, Vistara

Rob McKinney

CEO, Northern Pacific Airways

Arjan Meijer

President and CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation

David Neeleman

Founder, CEO & Chairman of the Board, Breeze Airways; Founder of JetBlue and Azul

Shashank Nigam

Founder and CEO, Simpliflying

Pranjal Pande

Lead Journalist - India, Simple Flying

The Hon John Sharp AM

Deputy Chairman. Regional Express (Rex)

Brendan Sobie

Independent Analyst and Consultant, Sobie Aviation

Andreas Spaeth

Independent Aviation Journalist

Paula Thomas

Podcast Creator & Show Host, Let's Talk Loyalty

Bjørn Tore Larsen

CEO, Norse Atlantic Airways

Linden Birns

Owner/MD, Plane Talking

Brett Catlin

Vice President - Networks and Alliances, Alaska Airlines

Sophie Dekkers

CCO, easyJet

Daniel Martinez Garbuno

Lead Journalist - Latin America, Simple Flying

Philip Goh

Regional Vice President Asia-Pacific, IATA

Ben Griffin

VP Mobility, OneWeb

Jay Singh

Deputy Content Manager & Lead Journalist, North America, Simple Flying

Sumit Singh

Deputy Editor, Simple Flying

John Grant

Partner, MIDAS Aviation

James Pearson

Routes Analyst, Simple Flying

Sean Mendis

Aviation Expert

Juraj Toth

Managing Director, AviaDev Europe

Jonathan Wood

Vice President - Renewable Aviation, Neste

Maryann Simson

Independent Aviation Journalist & Consultant

Rishi Jain

Consultant, Jain Aviation Consultants

Devesh Agarwal

Aviation Expert

Clarissa Sebastian

Managing Director, Premium Customer Experience, American Airlines

Alina Roscina

SVP Human Resources, airBaltic

Scott Hamilton

Managing Editor, Leeham News and Analysis

Christopher Wood MBE

Aviation Accessibility Consultant

Nigel Smith

Managing Director and Head of Design, SWS Certification Services

Tony Carnie

Environmental Journalist

Becca Rowland

Partner, MIDAS Aviation

Olivier Moana Bole

President, FLY CORALway

Dr Ian Cruickshank

Taskforce Manager, United for Wildlife Transport

Katya Akulinicheva

CFO, ZeroAvia

Jayson Goh

Managing Director of Changi Airport Group’s Airport Operations Management

Rodger Foster

CEO and Managing Director, Airlink

Captain Curtis Brunjes

Managing Director of Aviate & Pilot Strategy, United Airlines

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