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Margarita Khartanovich

CMO at Platform6, Tampere Ambassador

Apil Karki

5G/6G SoC SW Specialist at Nokia, Tampere Ambassador

Talita Tobias Carneiro

Technical Specialist, System on Chip at Nokia, Tampere Ambassador

Esin Guldogan

Principal Algorithm Architect at Microsoft, Tampere Ambassador

Natalia Gromova

Founder at TED Centre, Tampere Ambassador Programme Coordinator

Teppo Rantanen

Executive Director at Tampereen kaupunki - CIty of Tampere

Jarkko Kytömäki

vLab Manager at Nokia


A very fun and groovy DJ based in Tampere

Beatriz Macías

Classical Flutist & Opera Singer, Tampere Ambassador

Daniel Paul

Content Creation Lead at Framery Acoustics, Tampere Ambassador

Mariam Sutidze-Haveri

Human Resources Specialist at Tampere University, Tampere Ambassador

Gerard Roemers

Lead Urban Development & Planning at Metabolic / Co-Founder at De Warren

Enrique Montaño

COO @ Nordic Startup School

Manoj Pandey

Senior Data Engineer at Plan A

Oliver Hussey

Senior Business Advisor at Business Tampere

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Tampere Ambassadors

Tampere Ambassadors are a group of internationally oriented professionals from various fields, who share a love for Tampere. They are internationally renowned researchers, pioneers in the business sector, influential players in culture and sports, as well as international experts. They are professionals working in Tampere, or experts who come from Tampere and work abroad. The Ambassador network provides a large range of opportunities for various kinds of professionals. What matters the most is the Ambassadors’ will to be part of Tampere’s growth story and their enthusiasm in providing information, in their networks, on the numerous opportunities that Tampere has to offer.

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