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Alex Fearon

Email Marketing Consultant, Maybe Later

Brady Josephson

VP of Marketing & Growth, Charity: water

Paul Mathews-Brokenshire

Senior Manager, Nonprofit Industry Solutions,

Claire Daniels

Founder, Aha Consultancy

Filipe Páscoa

Founder and Lead Strategist, Bee Relevant

Kaz McGrath

Founder, Starling

Mariana Zayat Chammas


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The Resource Alliance

The Resource Alliance is a charity dedicated to maximising social impact. We serve fundraisers and changemakers across the world through our online Global Community; our in-person conferences and workshops; and through our capacity building programme, Emerge. To find out more and to sign up to the Global Community visit

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CRM Solutions to Power Your Purpose


Empowering World-Changers

Fundraise Up

The new standard for online giving

Crisis Fundraising

On demand

Using social media to mobilise public funding

On demand

Using email to drive regular giving

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Bringing Bernie

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The Recurring Giving Club

On Demand

Diversifying your digital acquisition

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Harness the power of AI

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Content & audience engagement

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The perfect donation page doesn’t exist

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Social listening online

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The donation page experience

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Virtual Storytelling

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Social data intelligence

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Digital Mobilisation

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FRO Fringe: Building digital capacity from the ground up

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FRO Fringe: Why aren't fundraisers talking about AI?

On Demand

FRO Fringe: 10 Principles of successful digital fundraising moments

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FRO Fringe: Reimagining INGOs

On Demand

FRO Fringe: Planning and delivering a full-funnel digital campaign

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