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Flink Forward Global 2021

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Jan Brusch

Software Developer at neuland - Büro für Informatik

Joscha Cepok

Developer, Application Security at neuland - Büro für Informatik

Levin von Hollen

Software Developer at neuland - Büro für Informatik

Roshan Naik

Tech Architect at Uber

Wolfram Wingerath

Distributed Systems Engineer & Data Scientist at Baqend

Felix Gessert

CEO & Co-Founder at Baqend

Peter Huang

Tech Lead Manager of the Streaming Analytics Team at Uber

Fanshu Jiang

Software Engineer at Pinterest

Thomas Weise

Tech Architect at Apple

Brent Davis

Principal Performance Engineer at Splunk

Gaël Renoux

Senior Software Engineer at DataDome

Konstantina Kontoudi

Lead Data Scientist at Datadome

Xinran Waibel

Senior Data Engineer at Netflix

Sundaram Ananthanarayanan

Senior Software Engineer at Netflix

Timothy Bess

Software Architect - Bluechip Financial

Jowanza Joseph

Staff Software Engineer at Finicity

Dian Fu

Software Engineer at Alibaba

Xingbo Huang

Software Engineer at Alibaba

Maciek Bryński

Big Data Architect, GetInData

Rafał Małanij

Container Solutions, Head of Polish office, GetInData

Tymur Yarosh

Technical Lead at Intellias

Timo Walther

Software Engineer @ Ververica / Apache Flink PMC Member

Olena Babenko

Software Engineer at

Divye Kapoor

Staff Software Engineer, Pinterest

Heng Zhang

Data Engineer at Pinterest

Martijn Visser

Product Manager @ Ververica

Ingo Bürk

Senior Consultant at TNG Technology Consulting

Till Rohrmann

Flink PMC & Engineering lead at Ververica

Wei Liu

Developer at Netflix

Kasturi Chatterjee

Engineering Manager, Realtime Data Infrastructure, Netflix

Andrew Nguonly

Senior Software Engineer at Netflix

Dylan Meissner

Software Engineer at Nordstrom

Roman Grebennikov

ML Engineer at Findify

Alexander Fedulov

Tech Architect at Ververica

Jun Qin

Solutions Architect at Ververica

Nico Kruber

Solutions Architect at Ververica

Seth Wiesman

Senior Solutions Architect - Ververica

Dawid Wysakowicz

Software Engineer at Ververica

Yaroslav Tkachenko

Staff Data Engineer at Shopify

Arvid Heise

Developer at Ververica

Frédérique Mittelstaedt

Engineering Manager, Real-time Safety Applications, Anti-Evil at Reddit

Johannes Moser

Head of Engineering at Ververica

Andrey Falko

Tech Architect at Salesforce

David Anderson

Flink committer and trainer at Ververica

Gunnar Morling

Open Source Software Engineer - Red Hat

Hans-Peter Grahsl

Technical Trainer - NETCONOMY

Aniket Mokashi

Engineering Manager, Facebook

Lu Niu

Senior Software Engineer at Pinterest

Zhongting Hu

Tech Lead Manager of the Interactive Analytics Team at Uber

Chen Qin

Tech Lead, Stream Processing Platform, Pinterest

David Moravek

Software Engineer at Ververica

Brian Likosar

Senior Streaming Specialist SA at AWS

Nagesh Honnalli

Senior Software Engineer, Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics

Steffen Hausmann

Principal Streaming Architect at AWS

Francesco Tisiot

Developer Advocate at Aiven

Gyula Fora

Principal Engineer at Cloudera

Neng Lu

Staff Software Engineer, StreamNative

Sijie Guo

Co-founder and CEO of StreamNative

Addison Higham

Chief Architect & Head of Cloud Engineering, StreamNative

Tim Spann

Developer Advocate, StreamNative

Shuyi Chen

Software engineer at Facebook

Robert Crowe

TensorFlow Developer Engineer at Google

Reza Rokni

Developer Advocate, Google Dataflow at Google

Kenneth Knowles

PMC Chair of the Apache Beam Project at Google

Kyle Weaver

Software Engineer at Google

Yifan Mai

Software Engineer at Google

Kenny Gorman

Product Owner - Stream Processing at Cloudera

Vasiliki Kalavri

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Boston University

Marton Balassi

Manager, Streaming Analytics at Cloudera

Erik Beebe

Principal Engineer / Streaming SQL at Cloudera

Kym Hines

Distinguished Engineer at Splunk

Matyas Orhidi

Engineering Manager, Streaming Analytics at Cloudera

Asterios Katsifodimos

Assistant Professor at the Delft University of Technology

Bhavani Balasubramanyam

Softwarre Engineer at Reddit

Danny Cranmer

Senior Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services and Apache Flink Committer at AWS

Vignesh Raja

Software Engineer at Reddit

Eric Sammer

CEO @ Decodable

Lorna Mitchell

Developer Advocate at Aiven

Konstantin Knauf

Head of Product @ Ververica

Stephan Ewen

CTO & Co-founder at Ververica

Maximilian Michels

Principal Software Engineer at Splunk

Federica Pizzato

Infrastructure Engineer at Intesa San Paolo

Raffaele Saggino

Data Communication Architect at Intesa San Paolo

Igal Shilman

Team Lead at Ververica

Timo Walther

Software Engineer @ Ververica / Apache Flink PMC Member

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Ververica's mission is to power the core business of every company with cutting-edge real-time stream processing technology. We build and develop Ververica Platform, a stream processing platform that enables every enterprise to power their real-time business, while at the same time we actively contribute and participate in the open source Apache Flink® community, the underlying technology framework of Ververica Platform itself.

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