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Female Founders' Day: The Business Blueprint

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Divya Gugnani

Wander Beauty Co-Founder and CEO

Puno .

Founder of ilovecreatives

Sonja Rasula

Founder of Unique Markets

Jordana Guimaraes

Co-Founder at Fashinnovation & Author of It Can Be You

Erin Gleason Alvarez

Mediator, Arbitrator, Founder & CEO - Take Charge Negotiations, LLC

Sharon Chuter


Mary-Kate McGrath

COO, Some Spider Studios

Chloe Watts

Founder + CEO, Chloe Digital

Mercedes Bent

Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Rachel Rodgers

CEO of Hello Seven, Author of "We Should All Be Millionaires"

Nyakio Grieco

Founder, Nyakio

Kelly Dill

Principal, Imaginary Ventures

Poppy Jamie

Founder + Author of "Happy Not Perfect"

Julia Xu

Startup Business Advisor at Julia Xu Consulting, Founder + CEO of Multitasky

Shizu Okusa

Founder + CEO of Apothekary

Tina Wells

Founder, Elevation Tribe

Jennifer Cohan

President/CEO at Leasing Marketing and Communications Agencies

Neeta Bhushan

Founder, Global Grit

Alicia Quarles

Senior News Correspondent DailyMail TV, GMA 3

Rochelle Stewart

Founder - The Syndicate and VP, Consumer Tech at Silicon Valley Bank

Michelle Corderio Grant

Founder & CEO of LIVELY

Annie Evans

Founder, Dream Ventures

Melissa Duren Conner

Partner + Managing Director at JBC

Luvvie Ajayi Jones

CEO of Awe Luv LLC, 2-time NYT Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Podcast Host

Tia Bee

Mother of 5, AML Fighter, Tik Tok Influencer

Madison Utendahl

Founder & CCO: Utendahl Creative

Alisa Cohn

Startup & Executive Coach

Melissa Butler

Founder & CEO, The Lip Bar

Alison Wyatt

Co-Founder, Female Founder Collective

Bethany Edwards

CEO and Co-Founder of Lia

Rebecca Minkoff

Founder, Rebecca Minkoff. Co-Founder, The Female Founder Collective

Tracy DiNunzio

Cat Lee

Ana Canuto

Karin Eldor

Rosco Spears

Creative Director

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Female Founder Collective

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