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Factory Online Meet (3 July 2020)

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Sarah Fraser


Alice Thatcher


Carola Boehm


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Research, Innovation and Impact Services at Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University has a thriving research and innovation environment, with areas of established internationally recognised expertise.


Project: Cultural Icons

Cultural Icons takes inspiration from the history and tradition of the Staffordshire flat-back, once produced by most of the potteries in the region.

Project: Growing Cultures - Haywood Hospital

During February 2019, BCB worked with patients and staff at the Haywood Hospital on our Growing Cultures project.

Project: Growing Cultures - Burslem Jubilee Group

Growing Cultures, a project exploring health and wellbeing, connected to a public health campaign around AMR.

Project: Changes Health and Wellbeing

Exploring creativity, wellbeing and clay