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Factor[e] Portfolio Pitch Day

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Patrick Cousins

CEO, Ferntech

Aditi Gupta

Investment Principal, Asha Impact

Peter Sopher

Senior Associate, Clean Energy Ventures

Tim Heidel

Investment Principal, Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Shreyansh Singhal

Investment Professional, Ankur Capital Fund

Tom Fudge



Impact Investment Manger, ENGIE

Daniel White

CEO, Clean Crop Technologies

Morgan DeFoort

Managing Principal, Factor[e] Ventures

Leslie HayesLabruto

Head of Global Energy, Acumen

Anne Njuki

Investment Manager, DOB Equity

Emily McAteer

CEO, Odyssey Energy Solutions

Nidhi Pant

Co-Founder, S4S Technologies

Josh Whale

CEO, Ampersand Solar

Piper Foster Wilder

CEO, 60Hertz Energy

Saskia van der Mast

Investment Director, DOB Equity

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Factor[e] Ventures

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Network with 60Hertz Energy

Offline-first maintenance software

Network with Ferntech

Monitor and control off-grid systems.

Network with Odyssey Energy Solutions

Develop, finance, and manage distributed energy projects at scale.

Network with Ampersand

Mass market electric mobility to drive Africa forward.

Network with S4S Technologies

World-class dehydrated foods, income generation for rural women.

Network with WASE

Accelerating wastewater treatment to ensure access to sustainable wastewater management.

Network with Clean Crop Technologies

Next-generation solutions for crop loss and food safety.

Network with Factor[e] Ventures

Powering impactful technology solutions.