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Explore Germany - A Digital Journey (Part 1/2: Mo-Wed)

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Bundesverband Deutsche Startups - Im Haus der Bundespressekonferenz - Schiffbauerdamm 40 - 10117 Berlin


Aarca Research India Pvt Ltd

Company, whose product is a prediagnostic, non-invasive method for the risk evaluation of Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, and Dyslipidemia.

Aindra Systems Pvt Ltd

Point-of-Care testing for Critical Illnesses using AI based Computational Pathology

Causality Biomodels

Semantic information extraction, knowledge modelling and advanced data analytics in life sciences.

Houronearth Creative Solutions

Digital ayurvedic platform for personalized holistic wellness

Inforich Technology Solutions

Artificial Intelligence aided EMR integration platform with specialty based customisation & simple screens liked by Doctors endorsed by technology companies to lower healthcare costs by standardization & auto reporting features globally

Jiovio Healthcare

Jiovio healthcare provides end -to -end solution that ensures the availability of high-quality maternal care for mothers in remote places

Marteck Solutions

We provide medical annotation/ labelling services along with teleradiology.

Oneirix Engineering Laboratories

Using deep capabilities in math, physics, engineering and algorithms, Oneirix builds new technologies for companies across the world

Startoon Labs

Prioviding solutions to physiotherapists and revolutionising the way physiotherapy is being done

Abee Research Labs

Digital Twins to power Manufacturing Excellence

Avrio Energy

Avrio Energy enables businesses to improve financial performance by reducing their energy and operational expenditure using an integrated plug and play energy and operations management platform.

Calviltech Digital Solutions

MSafe - The smart, workflow-based EHS app, with optional IoT based device

Doppelio Technologies

Doppelio is an IoT Test Automation Platform for Developers/Testers to test apps without depending on physical devices

Ecolibrium Energy

Ecolibrium helps Enterprises with IoT powered Asset Intelligence for Productivity improvement


A marine robotics company working on digital health assessment of critical underwater infrastructure by employing technologies like AI, ML and Robotics

Sastra Robotics India

We designs & manufactures robotic systems & solutions with specialised focus on building Intelligent Test Automation Tools.

SenseGiz Technologies

SenseGiz makes enterprise and industrial IoT products for sensor based condition monitoring, security and real time asset/people tracking applications using a combination of proprietary mesh connected hardware, cloud, analytics and apps.

Vyorius Drones

SaaS platform for unmanned robot operations

Zoid Labs (India)

Empowering Makers with Intelligent Robots for Electronics Assembly