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Empowering The Diner Through Wine Session 1

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Amanda Carpenter

Service and Beverage, Bad Saint

Erica Christian


The event is over

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Empowering The Diner

Empowering the Diner is a Black women-led food and beverage event centered on collaboration and inclusion in which we bring folx together to discuss, learn, and explore their palate and dining experiences. We seek to dismantle colonizer-led perspectives and gatekeeping practices by challenging the status quo through creative, multi-faceted, and BIPOC-led educational and hospitable experiences. By changing how we access food and beverage education and hospitality, we make space for more folx who feel excluded by the discriminatory, racist, and sexist practices embedded in the industry from the guest to the professional.

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Colectiva Solidaridad

Making solidarity actionable.

Chocolate City's Best

Striving to put Black and Brown faces to the forefront of the industry!