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#4 Economic Aspects - Scaling up green procurement and investments in intelligent urban lighting

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Jānis Brizga

Head of the Board, Smartgreen, Ltd. & NGO Green Liberty

Carlos Lamuela Orta

Urban consultant and researcher at FCG Finnish Consultant Group

Topi Haapanen

Director of Regional Development at Posintra

Elina Leppänen

Planning manager at the City of Porvoo

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LUCIA – Lighting the Baltic Sea Region

We support municipalities in the Baltic Sea region to unlock the enormous potential of energy efficient urban lighting solutions


Pilot Site Porvoo, FI

Presentation of the pilot site Porvoo

Introduction of the LUCIA economic assessment and calculation tool

A supporting tool for lighting planners

LUCIA knowledge centre

Turn noise into knowledge. Capture, curate and exchange!

LUCIA animated videos

Curtain up! Have a look at our brand new animated videos featuring the LUCIA knowledge resources

The LUCIA economy factsheets

The LUCIA factsheets summarise the key smart urban lighting solutions in a concise way