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DM40GB30 Prince Virtual Symposium

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Proudly supported by


De Angela Duff

Symposium Creator & Co-Producer

Kirsty Fairclough


C Liegh McInnis

Presenter & Moderator

Zaheer Ali

Roundtable Panelist

Chinisha Scott


Tonya Pendleton

Roundtable Panelist

D Simmons Jendayi


Ricky Wyatt

Roundtable Panelist

Karen Gabay

Roundtable Panelist

Kamilah Cummings


Casci Ritchie


Karen Turman


Monique Morris


Darling Nisi


Arthur Turnbull

Moderator & Co-Producer

Edgar Kruize


Erica Thompson


Ivan Orr

Roundtable Panelist

Miles Marshall Lewis

Roundtable Panelist

Christopher Daniel


Eloy Lasanta

Roundtable Panelist

Michael Dean

Roundtable Panelist

Chris Aguilar-Garcia


Elliott Powell

Roundtable Panelist

Zachary Hoskins

Roundtable Panelist

Violet Reality

Roundtable Panelist

Greg Howard


Anil Dash

Roundtable Panelist

Roy Turner

Roundtable Panelist

Scott Woods (he/him)


Dereca Blackmon


Steven G Fullwood


Robert Loss



Roundtable Panelist

Nicolay Rook

Roundtable Panelist

Marc Wiggins

Roundtable Panelist

Andre Cymone

DM40GB30 Special Guest

JIll Jones

DM40GB30 Special Guest

Harold Pride

Roundtable Panelist

Hasit Shah


Cynthia Horner

Roundtable Panelist

Keith Murphy

Roundtable Panelist

laronda davis

Friends of DM40GB30

Sean McPherson

Friends of DM40GB30

Tricky InDaHouze

Special Guest

Jacqui Thompson

Friends of DM40GB30

Ingrid Chavez

Friends of DM40GB30

Dave Hampton

Friends of DM40GB30

Sam Jennings

Friends of DM40GB30

Chris Rob

Friends of DM40GB30

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Hosted by

Polished Solid

We curate academic music symposia more often than not about Prince!


Black Rock Coalition

Founded in 1985, The Black Rock Coalition is a non-profit, member-supported, grass-roots, organization founded to facilitate the maximum development, exposure and acceptance of Black alternative music and its creators.

PRN Alumni Foundation

Continuing A Legendary Purpose…


Minimalist Prince Art

Purple Current

Musical Legacy of Prince

Prince and Little Weird Black Boy Gods

A book by Scott Woods

The Music Snobs Podcast

Snobbish taste. Outrageous takes. Hosted by Scoop, Isaac, Jehan, and Arthur.

#Batdance30ATL Symposium (2019)

Prince Batman Soundtrack Symposium

#Lovesexy30BK Symposium (2018)

30 yrs of Lovesexy. Cat Glover, Dr. Fink & Ingrid Chavez. photo by Elena Olivo

Prince s Friend

Exploring Music Through Prince

Got To Be Something Here

The Rise of the Minneapolis Sound

Troy Gua

Artist and creator of the LPP project, aka Le Petit Prince

Grown Folks Music Podcast

Classic Soul, RNB, Funk, Hip Hop, Indie Soul, and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN BRIDGING THE GAP.

Prince: The Dutch Experience

Edgar Kruize's book about Prince's endeavours in the Netherlands.

The Violet Reality

Funk, Vibes and Life

Dance / Music / Sex / Romance

The Prince oeuvre, song by song, in chronological order.

Muse 2 the Pharaoh


Prince and Popular Music.

Critical Perspectives on an Interdisciplinary Life.

#BettyDavisBK Symposium (2018)

The Betty Davis – They Say I’m Different Symposium

TrickyKid Radio Podcast

Media Personality & Music Industry veteran Roy Turner hosts the top names in music, sports, film, the literary world & more.

Black Magnolias Literary Journal

Special Prince Edition

#SOTT30BK Symposium (2017)

30 years of SOTT. photo by Priana


A personal movement

The Lyrics Of Prince Rogers Nelson Book

The Lyrics of Prince is an analysis of the lyrical themes, movements, and development of Prince. By C. Liegh McInnis

A Purple Day In December

Erica will be live in her booth Saturday at 7:30pm EST to meet and greet with you.

Dereca Speaks

Also known as the “Irreverent Reverend”, the “Inclusion Innovator” and “The Realest Speaker I Ever Heard.”

Inclusion Design Group

Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a practice. Equity is a goal.