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Diverse Conversations: Wisdom from Professional Coaches Summit

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Dr. Joy Vaughan

Author | Spokesperson | Veteran Mindset Coach

Sharon Holand Gelfand

Holistic Health Practioner, Nutritionist and Coach

Lauren Williams

Founder, Workplace Harmony

Rivers Corbett

CEO | Entrepreneur | Podcast Host | Chef Entrepreneur Coach

Janae Bell

Principal Consultant, Owness Coaching

Denise Ledi

Executive Leadership Coach and Consultant

Acute Inflections

New York's Sultry Musical Duo

Lisa Lieberman-Wang

Business & Marketing Coach

Cherri Forsyth

Master Coach, Specialising in Grief

Milton Hunt

Keynote Speaker | Trainer | Motivator

Hailey Patry

Coach | Speaker | Author | Consultant

Jeffrey Padovani

NLP and Tiny Habits Coach

Spencer Conley

Author | Motivational Speaker | Performance Coach

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Ledi Coaching and Consulting

Ready for a Breakthrough?

Spencer Conley

Leading beyond doubt, lack, fear, and EXCUSE

Milton Hunt

An Edu-Tainer A Motivator An Energerizer

Chef Torial

Find $10K in Your Business Today!

Acute Inflections

New York's Sultry Musical Duo

Sharon Holand Gelfand

Listen To Your Gut (figuratively and literally): It's Talking to You

The Lifted Lid

Happy Love - The Secrets of Happy Couples and How to Become One

Workplace Harmony

Helping Workplaces Not Suck

Dr Joy Coaching

Shifting Mindsets One Neuron At A Time

Owness Coaching, LLC

The "Owness" is On You!

Cherri Forsyth Coaching

Grief: The NEW Approach

Opulent Events by Gracie

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Opulent Lifestyle Private Club

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