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Digital Banking Transformation Summit by Narmi

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Chris Tremont

EVP, Virtual Banking, Radius Bank now LendingClub

Chris Griffin

Co-Founder, Narmi

Peter Noteboom

Partner, McKinsey and Company

Ron Shevlin

Director of Research, Cornerstone Advisors

Jill Castilla

President and CEO, Citizens Bank of Edmond

Niko Karvounis

Head of Product, Plaid

Derik Sutton

VP of Marketing, Autobooks

Audrey Song

Product Marketing, Narmi

Nikhil Lakhanpal

Co-Founder, Narmi

Michelle Spellerberg

VP, Digital Strategy & Innovative Growth, Alliant Credit Union

Elizabeth Jensen (Narmi)


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Narmi is how community financial institutions unlock the very latest capabilities in digital banking and account opening—so they can move faster, tap new growth opportunities, and be where banking is going. Changes in consumer expectations are outpacing most digital banking platforms. And their complacency comes at a big cost to you, as this legacy tech slows your growth. To be where banking is going, financial institutions need to offer an experience that is always effortless, always current, and always dependable. Narmi finally makes this doable. That’s why Narmi customers are seeing results like 3X account growth in less than 30 days, 4X deposits growth in 90 days, and 100% on-time, seamless implementations. And it’s helping them win awards like Bankrate’s 2020 Best Online Bank and Nerdwallet’s Best Bank of 2021 for Online Experience.

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