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Adao Oliveira Junior

Cloud Solutions Architect @ Oracle

Aditya Bansal

Founding Engineer @ Cortex

Alejandro Duarte

Developer Advocate @ MariaDB

Andrew Colombi

Co-founder + CTO @

Alexander Dragunov

Senior Partner Solutions Architect @ AWS

Andrew Harthcock

Sales Engineer @ Tricentis

Andrew Martinez

Principal Engineer @ Netfoundry

Anil Inamdar

VP and Global Head of Open Data Solutions @ Instaclustr by NetApp

Asanka Abeysinghe

Chief Technology Evangelist @ WSO2

Ashish Bhalgat

Cloud Solution Architect @ ThoughtWorks

Austin Gil

Developer Advocate & Chiweenie Enthusiast @ Akamai

Aviad Mizrachi

CTO & Co-Founder @ Frontegg

Ayse Kaya

Senior Director, Strategic Insights & Analytics @ Slim.AI

Ashish Bhatia

Senior Solutions Architect @ AWS

Steve Giguere

Developer Advocate @ Bridgecrew

Ben Hirschberg

VP Engineering & Co-Founder @ ARMO

Bich Le

Co-founder, Chief Architect @ Platform9

Brenton House

Vice President, Digital Evangelism @ Software AG

Bruno Andrade

CEO @ Shipa

Brian Lewis

Principal Solutions Architect @ AWS

Clint Dovholuk

Head of Developer Experience @ NetFoundry

Craig Bossie

Solutions Architect, Microsoft Workloads @ AWS

Christos Matskas

Principal Tech Keynote Lead @ AWS

Daniel Oh

Senior Principal Technical Marketing Manager @ Red Hat

Dave Anderson

CTO @ ScoutAPM

Dave Stokes

Technical Evangelist @ Percona

David Patrick


Deepthi Panthula

Senior Product Manager @ Intuit Inc

Kyle Kotowick, Ph.D.

AWS Solutions Architect @ Invicton Labs / Toptal

Dr. Phil Tee

CEO @ Moogsoft

Dr. Victor Lee

VP of Machine Learning and AI @ TigerGraph

Drew Wright

Director of Content @ Snyk

Erez Berkner

CEO & Co-Founder @ Lumigo

Francois Bouteruche

Senior Developer Advocate, Modern Apps @ AWS

Isaac Levin

.NET Developer Advocate @ AWS

James Eastham

Cloud Infrastructure Architect @ AWS

Jignesh Suthar

Senior Partner Solutions Architect, Microsoft Workloads @ AWS

Eric Thiel

Global Head of Developer Experience @ Cisco

Fawaz Ghali

Developer Advocate @ Hazelcast

George Hantzaras

Director, Cloud Platform Engineering @ Citrix

Gilbert Martin

VP of Solution Engineering @ Opsera

Gloria Ramchandani

VP, Business Technology & Operations @ Copado

Hila Fish

Senior DevOps Engineer @

Intesar Mohammed

CTO & Founder @ APIsec inc.

Jason Davis

Distinguished Engineer @ Cisco Systems

Jeff Tao

Founder and core developer @ TDengine

Juan Pablo Melgarejo Zamora

Solutions Architect @ AWS

Matt Cline

Senior Solutions Architect @ AWS

Jim Barton

Field Engineer @

Jock Reed

Technologist and Developer Evangelist @ Cisco Developer Relations

John Hashem III

Senior Solutions Architect @ Fairwinds

Jonathan Oliver

Founder, CEO & CTO @ Smarty

Joy Ebertz

Principal Engineer @ Split

Judson Fisher

Sales Engineer @ Vercel

Karthik Gaekwad

Developer Relations @ Google

Karthikeyan Govindaraj

Cloud Native and DevOps Architect @ BlackRock

Kasey Alderete

Head of Product @

Kat Gaines

DevOps Advocate @ PagerDuty

Kevin Poorman

Dev Evangelist, @

Larry Lancaster

Founder and CTO @ Zebrium

Luke Kilpatrick

Director of Developer Experience @ LinearB

Matty Stratton

Director of Developer Relations @ Aiven

Michael Landes

Global Serverless Sales Manager @ Contrast Security

Michael Slater

Technical Director @ Improving

Michael Stahnke

VP, Platform @ CircleCI

Michael Yuan

Maintainer @ WasmEdge and Founder @ Second State

O. Felix Amoruwa

Senior Product Manager @ Intuit

Pavan Boddapati

Senior Modernization Architect @ AWS

Prasad Rao

Principal Partner Solutions Architect @ AWS

Pratip Bagchi

Senior Partner Solutions Architect @ AWS

Rahul Chugh

Senior Solutions Architect @ AWS

Rasheed Abdul

Sr. Product Manager - Technical, App Modernization @ AWS

Runeet Vashisht

Senior Microsoft Specialist Solution Architect @ AWS

Saleha Haider

Senior Partner Solutions Architect @ AWS

Sanjay Gulati

Senior Solutions Architect, App Modernization Lab @ AWS

Shibu Thomas

Senior Consultant @ AWS

Sreelaxmi Pai

Senior Windows Application Architect @ AWS

Tom Moore

.NET Developer Advocate @ AWS

Ulili Nhaga

Team Lead - Sr. Cloud Application Architect @ AWS

Vijai Anand Ramalingam

Application Developer @ AWS

Robert Staats

Software Engineering Technical Leader @ Cisco

Oleg Chunikhin

CTO @ Kublr

Ori Bendet

VP of Product Management @ Checkmarx

Paul McCarty

Founder @ SecureStack

Peter ONeill

Community Advocate @ Styra

Philip Gavlan

Director of Engineering @ Cyber Defense Group

Phillip Carter

Principal Product Manager @ Honeycomb

Rags Srinivas

Developer Advocate @ Datastax

Raphael Bottino

Creating security experience that Developers care about @ Trend Micro

Rhys Arkins

VP of Product Management @ MEND

Rohit Sinha

Synerzip, Director of Product Development @ Excellarate

Roie Schwaber-Cohen

Developer Advocate @ Aserto

Anupama Pathirage

Director of Engineering for Ballerina @ WSO2

Sangam Biradar

Principal security advocate @

Sean Ely

Head of Product @ TDengine

Shai Almog

Developer Advocate @ Lightrun

Shan Anwar

Principal Software Engineer @ Intuit

Sharon Sharlin

Director of Product Marketing @ Rookout

Sohan Maheshwar

Senior Developer Advocate @ AWS

Stanislav Lukyanov

GridGain Technical Director @ GridGain

Steven Weaver

Product Manager @ IBM Cloud Developer Tools

Tamimi Ahmad

Developer Advocate @ Solace

Tony Fung


Tony Loehr

Cycode's Developer Advocate & Evangelist @ Cycode

Viren Baraiya

CTO @ Orkes

Whitney Lee

Developer Advocate @ VMware

Yingjun Wu

Founder and CEO @ Singularity Data

Yosef Arbiv

R&D Team Leader @ Cisco

Zoe Steinkamp

Developer Advocate @ Influxdata

Rodric Rabbah

Director of Engineering, Cloud Functions @ DigitalOcean

Nick Orlando

Director of Product Marketing @

Scott Francis


Kyaw Soe Hlaing

Senior Partner Solutions Architect @ AWS

Clay Ratliff

Senior Solution Architect, Post-Sales @ Aiven

James Crowley

Senior Enterprise Architect @ SourceFuse

Sambit Ghosh

Senior Vice President – Application Development and Management @ Datavail

Sunanda Saxena

Senior Product Manager - Tech @ Amazon Web Services

Nick Benton

DevOps Architect @ NetFoundry

Alberto Silveira Jr

Head of Engineering @ LawnStarter

Steve Roberts

Snr. Developer Advocate @ AWS

Greg Hamer

Senior Developer Evangelist @ Backblaze

Anne Gentle

Developer Experience Manager @ Cisco DevNet

Kyle Hunter

Kubernetes Evangelist @ Rafay Systems

Darwin Sanoy

Staff Solutions Architect @ GitLab Alliances

Aydrian Howard

Developer Advocate @ Cockroach Labs

Aqsa Taylor

Product Manager @ Palo Alto Networks

Jonathan Pasky

Executive Producer & Co-Founder @ DevNetwork

Matt Panaccione

Vice President Solutions Consulting @

Sameera Jayasoma

Head of Architecture for Ballerina @ WSO2

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