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Rockstar Speakers

Stania Antoine

GURU Events Director

Jay Schwedelson

Founder, GURU Events

Ryan Serhant

Million Dollar Listing NY, Best Selling Author

Katie Penner

Head of Sales Development Strategy & Enablement, Sendoso

Keith Goodman

VP, Corporate Sales & Marketing, Modern Postcard

Holly Eaton

Senior Marketing Manager, Avalara

Summer Hahnlen

Senior Director, Lob

Brittany Reano

Sr. Manager, Growth Marketing, ThredUp

Nancy Harhut

Chief Creative Officer, HBT Marketing

Gretchen Littlefield

CEO, Moore

Wes Sparling

Chief Marketing Officer, IWCO

Tiffany Nwahiri

Executive Director, Marketing Strategy & Execution, Vericast

Brianne Baggetta

CEO & President of the Mailworks

Nosa Adetiba

Deputy Director, Marketing & Production, ACLU

Josef Katz

Co Host Prime Life and Founder -

Robert "Bob" Bly

Direct Response Copywriter

Chelsea Broderick

Senior Designer, The Nature Conservancy

Suzanne Darmory

Vice President of Integrated Marketing & Creative

Charles Mast

Mast Circulation Group, Inc

Chris Matthews

Account Manager, Scentisphere

Justin Nelson

VP, Customer Success, Speedeon

Heather Lewis

Manager of New Solutions, USPS

Margaret Pepe

Executive Director of Product Management, USPS

Mike Gunderson

President, Gunderson Direct

Bill Borrelle

CMO, Pitney Bowes

Charles P. Rogers

Senior Manager Customer DM Execution, American Express

Joe Pych

CEO, Nextmark

Alexander Sofronas

Lead Media Manager, Direct Marketing, DIRECTV

Phil Wiland

Chairman and CEO, Wiland

Melanie De Caprio

VP of Marketing, SG360

Polly Papsadore

President, PMG Direct

Moses Foster

President & CEO, West Cary Group

Sara Rassi

VP, Account Services, Yes&

Claudia Barac-Roth

VP & Associate Creative Director, Yes&

Kristin Connolly

Executive Director of Product Management

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